Hunan Cuisine

Mandarin Fish Kaiping Chaiba
  • June 05,2023

Kiping Chai Ba Mandarin Fish originated from traditional dishes: Chai Ba Chicken and Chai Ba Duck. It looks like a cold dish with a peacock spreading its tail, but it is actually a hot dish, whole shape completely breaks restriction that hot dishes cannot be brought together. Color and aroma: various colors, flowers but not dirty, full-bodied taste, fresh and pleasant to palate.

【Main materials】

〖Main ingredients〗: 250g mandarin fish meat, 12 quail eggs, 100g boiled ham, 2 egg whites, 50g bone soup, 100g winter bamboo shoots, 15g ginger, 20g spinach. hearts, red and green 3 cherries each.

〖Accessories〗: 10g wet starch, 20g dry starch, 100g green onion, 100g coriander

〖Seasoning/Marinade〗: 5 grams of Shaoxing wine, 2 grams of refined salt, 5 grams of sesame oil, 1 gram of monosodium glutamate, 750 grams of boiled lard

【Production process】

1. Cut fish meat into strips 0.5 cm thick and 7 cm long, cut winter bamboo shoots and ham into strips 3 cm long, boil 75 g of green onions in boiling water. In addition, crush remaining onion and ginger, add Shaojiu wine and 1 gram of refined salt, mix well, squeeze out juice, add monosodium glutamate, pour it into shredded fish and marinate for about 8 minutes. Then thoroughly mix egg whites and dry starch. Lay out grated fish paste.

2. Cut cherries in half, put quail eggs one by one in 12 tablespoons of UNVO, smeared with boiled lard, sort and wash coriander. Then, in a spoon filled with quail eggs, put half a cherry, and combine a few coriander leaves in shape of a sparrow flower, steam in a basket for 10 minutes, and then place in a cage to keep warm. Mix bone broth, sesame oil and wet powder into juice.

3. Arrange boiled green onion roots directly on a plate, place 2 sliced ​​hams, 2 sliced ​​fish and 2 sliced ​​winter bamboo shoots horizontally on plate and tie them into 20 sticks according to shape of firewood.

4. Put frying pan on a strong fire, pour in cooked bacon and bring to a boil, add a bunch of firewood and put mandarin fish, boil it in a pan and put it in a colander for straining. oil. Then take out steamed quail eggs and put them on one end of a long plate to make a sparrow screen, put fish in center of plate to make body of a sparrow; Put pan on fire, pour in mixed juice and boil until it becomes liquid, evenly pour it over the ceiping mandarin fish and serve.