Hunan Cuisine

Red skirt of stewed water fish
  • June 11,2023

The skirt is nutrient-rich and full of collagen after eating

Red skirt of stewed water fish

Step 1: Take 750 grams of water fish skirt, mix with 100 grams of pork belly and garlic cloves and other seasonings. Cut water fish skirt into 3 cm cubes, cut pork belly into two large pieces

Step 2. Put cooked bacon into pan, fry garlic cloves, and then fry skirt. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes.

Step 3. Remove onion, ginger and pork belly, add roasted garlic cloves and simmer for another 10 minutes, and you're ready for a plate of delicious red shell tortoise stew.

Reminder! ! !

The width and thickness of a softshell turtle's skirt can be an important indicator for assessing diversity and quality of softshell turtles. As a general rule, a thick and firm skirt is best, otherwise opposite is true.