Jiangsu Cuisine

drunk chicken

Method 1 Ingredients and ingredients Ingredients: 1 chicken leg Step photo description Step 1 Step 1: Soak sweet potato slices for 30 minutes. Step 2 Step 2: Remove bone and wash chicken legs, drain water. Step 3 Step 3 Wrap it...

  • April 23,2023

Jiangsu Cuisine

Scallop pot stickers

When it comes to glutinous rice, many people immediately think of glutinous rice cakes, glutinous rice chicken, glutinous rice balls and other delicacies. The fragrant and sticky taste is not only tasty and attractive, but also ve...

  • April 19,2023

Jiangsu Cuisine

radish pie

Hi everyone, I'm Fei from No.1 Food, follow Ah Fei for more home cooking! The most popular winter dish is radish, of course, one of few. It is not only cheap and nutritious, but main thing is to eat it in a variety of ways, in ac...

  • April 18,2023

Jiangsu Cuisine

Lu Gongjian Pork Head Sauce

Materials: 50 kg of meat, 2-2.5 kg of Shaoxing wine, 2.5 kg of sugar, 1.5-1.75 kg of refined salt, 0.6 kg of red yeast rice, 0.1 kg of cinnamon bark each , star anise and ginger. and 1 kg of green onions. Choose fresh pork ribs w...

  • April 17,2023

Jiangsu Cuisine

Soft fried whole crab

"When autumn wind blows, paws of crab itch, when chrysanthemum blooms, crab comes." Although crabs are eaten all year round, autumn is best time to eat them. From Happy Mother Xuan Xuan's Little Kitchen Materials Three crabs 2 eg...

  • April 16,2023

Jiangsu Cuisine

Drunken bamboo shoots

Drunken Winter Bamboo Shoots have a long history in Jiangsu and Zhejiang dating back thousands of years. With a simple seasoning, its taste is very tasty, which is why people in south of Yangtze River love it very much. and is tra...

  • April 15,2023

Jiangsu Cuisine

soy tiger tail

Steamed Huwei is a famous traditional dish in Yangzhou and Huaiyin, Jiangsu Province. It is made from a piece of pure meat on back of an eel's tail, boiled for a while, and seasoned with a thickener. It is so named because it look...

  • April 14,2023

Jiangsu Cuisine

Date Paste Cake

Just in winter and spring - marmalade cake How to do it Ingredients: 75 grams of jujube paste, 125 grams of rice flour, 200 grams of glutinous rice flour, 50 grams of lard, appropriate amount of lard, vegetable oil and white suga...

  • March 11,2023

Jiangsu Cuisine

Emerald tendon

This dish is made from half-fried pork tendons with green melons and vegetables, which is why it is called jade tendon. Color Clear, thick soup, delicious and soft in taste, soft and sticky, this is a traditional dish of Jiangsu P...

  • March 10,2023

Jiangsu Cuisine

Gusu Duck Fang

[Materials] Duck 1 grade 100 pieces soy sauce 5 kg salt 7.5 kg sugar 5 kg cinnamon bark 0.3 kg anise 0.3 kg cloves 0.03 kg amomum 0.02 kg red yeast rice 0.75 kg green onion 3 kg ginger 0.3 kg Shaoxing wine 5 kg nitrates 0.06 kg (D...

  • March 10,2023