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Fish rice with pine nuts
  • March 10,2023

The Historical Origins of Fish Rice with Pine Nuts

Rice with pine nuts and fish is prepared by grinding black fish (or grass carp) into rice grains and frying with pine nuts. Fish with pine nuts and rice appeared on market in late 1960s. Created by acclaimed chefs Mo Youcai and Li Yaoyong. Knife skills are emphasized in this dish, and cooking must be done correctly. The fish grains of rice are pure white, encrusted with rare red and green chili granules, compatible with pine nuts. They are tender, crispy, fresh and fragrant. .

Brief Introduction from Chef: Few old Shanghainese don't know that this is leader of Yangbang Cuisine. The event was hosted by four active fathers and sons. The father and son of Mo family inherited traditional characteristics of Yangban cuisine and strived for excellence. After years of hard work, they created original dishes such as "five-flavor fillet slices", "pine nut corn" and "three-color chopped fish" and improved "stewed fish head". Traditional dishes such as "Honey Juice, Firefang" are known as "Mo's Cuisine" and are a sensation in Shanghai. If you think about it, these are topics that old Shanghai gourmets still like to talk about, famous Peking opera singers such as Mei Lanfang, Yu Zhenfei, Zhou Xinfang, etc. are frequent guests of this restaurant.

Fish rice with pine nuts
Production method: select 200 grams of fatty and strong live snake head meat, cut it into rice fish similar to pine nut grains, use egg white, an appropriate amount of refined salt and starch to calibrate. Select highest quality pine nuts, deep-fry until golden and set aside. Cut green pepper and red pepper into rice grains. When cooked lard in wok is heated to 40%, add fish and rice until it turns milky white. Drain it in a colander to drain oil, and then put it in wok. Add green and red pepper cubes, fry with onions, ginger juice and seasonings, season with light gravy, sprinkle with pine nuts, turn upside down several times and immediately put on a plate and serve. It can also be served with a bowl of sweet bean sauce and lettuce. Fish rice with pine nuts
Characteristics of pine nut fish rice: fish rice is fresh and tender, pine nuts are crispy and fragrant, and when consumed harmoniously, it has a unique taste.