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Coral vegetable rolls
  • March 10,2023

Beijing cabbage is one of main varieties of vegetables in winter in north of my country. When winter comes, everyone will buy a lot of cabbage and prepare it. Chinese cabbage contains more water, and it will not spoil its taste after storage.

Ingredients: Chinese cabbage leaves, pork, grated red pepper, grated shiitake mushrooms

Coral vegetable rolls

Ingredients: egg white, monosodium glutamate, sugar, salt, grated magnolia, onion, ginger, starch, soy sauce, cooking wine, vinegar, water, vegetable oil

Production steps:

1. Blanch Chinese cabbage leaves with boiling water, remove and drain water.

Coral vegetable rolls

2. Cut pork into a puree, mix pureed meat with a little water, egg white, starch, salt and cooking wine evenly.

3. Spread marinated pork pate evenly over cabbage leaves. Roll into rolls and steam in a double boiler.

Coral vegetable rolls

4. Cut into small pieces after steaming. Lay out on a plate.

5. Add vegetable oil to pan. When temperature of oil reaches 70%, add white sugar and fry sugar color, then add chili pieces, green onion, ginger pieces, and then prepare vinegar, soy sauce. , cooking wine and monosodium glutamate. Then add chopped magnolia slices and chopped mushrooms. After soup boils. Lay on doves.

Coral vegetable rolls

Cooked in this way, coral vegetable rolls are bright in color, sharp, salty and sour. Incredibly delicious.

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