Shandong Cuisine

Assorted watermelon cup
  • March 10,2023

The Great Heat is hottest time of year, and its degree of heat is higher than that of Little Heat, which is why it is called Great Heat. During season with highest temperature and most yang energy throughout year, dehumidification is key to staying healthy. In terms of diet, you should eat more whole grains to invigorate spleen and replenish chi energy, and drink more tea and mung bean soup to get rid of heat and ease summer heat. In addition, Great Heat occurs just before and after "mid volt", and this is also period of year with highest temperature and the highest humidity in Jiangnan and Jiangbei. Such weather not only drives people into depression, but also greatly reduces appetite. Therefore, you can also eat more foods like wax gourd, barley, Poria coconuts, and yams.

Assorted watermelon cup


1 watermelon, 100 g each of diced chicken and fresh lotus seeds, 50 g each of longan meat and diced ham, 30 g walnut meat, 20 g each of pine nuts and almonds.

How to do it:

1. Wash watermelon with clean water, cut off bottom end of melon stalk as a lid, scoop out watermelon pulp and set aside.

2. Put diced chicken, diced ham, washed and cored lotus seeds, longan meat, walnut meat, pine nuts, almonds and other materials into watermelon, cover melon stalk and set aside.

3. Place watermelon containing ingredients in a large china bowl, place it in a saucepan, boil for 3-4 hours over water, remove from heat and eat immediately.

The effectiveness of therapeutic diet:

Dashu is hottest time of year. At this time, you can relieve fever by eating some watermelon. Nutritionally, watermelon is rich in water, which promotes detoxification and diuresis. In terms of Chinese medicine, watermelon is cold in nature and sweet in taste. It has effect of cooling and quenching thirst, getting rid of summer heat and irritation. Lotus seeds are flat in nature and sweet in taste, penetrate meridians of heart, spleen and kidneys, and are mainly used to treat chronic diarrhea due to spleen deficiency, drowsiness and insomnia. Longan is sweet and flat in nature and taste, returns to spleen meridian, nourishes blood and calms nerves. Walnut meat is warm in nature and has functions of nourishing kidneys and yang, strengthening waist and knees, moisturizing intestines, and being a laxative. Therefore, this dish is suitable for people who are thirsty due to summer heat and suffering from excessive heat.