Shandong Cuisine

Milk Soup Silver Lung
  • March 11,2023

Silver lung in milk soup is a special well-known dish belonging to Lui cuisine. This dish is white and tender, tasty and unusual. Main raw materials Pork lung, milk soup, broth, refined salt, wine for cooking onion and pepper, green onion slices, ginger slices, mushroom slices, winter bamboo shoot slices, cabbage core, water starch.

Production process:

Eject lungs of pig into clean water from lung tube. After swelling, put on table so that blood flows out by itself. When ripe, take out, rinse, break into marmalade - chopped pieces, put in boiling water and cook for five minutes, drain drained water and put in a large bowl, pour onion oil into pan and heat, add milk soup, broth, refined salt, boil onions and peppers boil wine, green onions and pieces of ginger, pour them into a light silver bowl, steam in a cage for an hour, put onion oil in a pan, heat up, add milk soup, broth, refined salt, ginger juice, monosodium glutamate and mushrooms Pieces of winter bamboo shoots, boiled cabbage heart put in a soup plate, silver lung removed from cage, remove onion and ginger, drain soup, pour into a saucepan, add cooking wine onion and pepper, thicken it with water starch and pour into a soup plate. Place chopped ham inside and serve.

Method of preparation:

1. Put trachea of ​​the lung on tap, wash blood in lobe of lung, make it white without redness, drain water, put in a pot of cold water Boil for a while, remove and rinse, then put in a pot of boiling water and boil to 50% putrefaction, remove lung tubes, cut into slices 5 cm long and 3 cm wide, put in a bowl, add cooking wine, fried shallots, ginger, salt, and soup is steamed to decay. 2. Remove side leaves of cabbage and leave small inflorescences, boil it in boiling water and cool in cold water. 3. While eating, put 1000 ml of milk soup and white lung into pot, add salt and monosodium glutamate, boil until foamy, adjust seasoning, add chinese cabbage buds, put pepper, put in soup bowl, put chicken Serve with butter.