Sichuan Cuisine

Chicken with vinegar
  • March 10,2023

Cooking method: tortilla

Flavor type: sour-salty

Ingredients for cooking:

Main ingredient: 200 g chicken fillet.

Auxiliary material: 50 g green bamboo shoots

Seasonings: 15g vinegar, 5g soy sauce, 2g salt, 2 soaked pepper sticks, 20g cooking wine, 3g monosodium glutamate, 5g ginger, 5g garlic, 25g green onions, 40g soybean powder, 10 grams of sesame oil grams

Processing and matching: first cut chicken into 2 cm cubes, green bamboo shoots into small comb-backs, slices of ginger and garlic, diced green onions, pickled peppers, remove seeds and cut into short slices.

Cooking procedure: mix diced chicken with cooking wine, salt, water and soy powder, pour oil into a saucepan, pour in diced chicken when it is 50% hot, then add green bamboo shoots, fry for a while while stirring. , then add ginger and garlic slices, green onion, chili pepper, boil in juice made from vinegar, soy sauce, salt, aqueous soybean powder and monosodium glutamate, pour juice over sesame oil and serve.

Properties: brownish-yellow color, sour-salty taste, delicate in quality, bright in juice and oil.

Note: chicken will be best when tender, peppers should not be finely chopped, and no sugar is used as a seasoning.

Note: Vinegar chicken breast is only called chicken breast. This dish can also be made with egg white and soy powder.