Sichuan Cuisine

rhinoceros catfish
  • June 26,2023

History of Xipu catfish

At end of Qing Dynasty, three people, including nobleman "Wu Xingpu" from Xipu City, Pi County, Chengdu, Sichuan, jointly opened private restaurant "Sanheju" in Zhongjie, Xipu City. And hired chef "Zeng Yuanxi" and his disciples "Xie Juncheng, Zhou Desheng" to take care of oven. The three masters and disciples are good at making silver carp stew. The ingredients are carefully selected and preparation is exquisite, it is famous for its fresh color, tender meat, delicious taste and neat shape. Although its ingredients and cooking methods have been passed down from generation to generation, customers and chefs believe that no one has surpassed level of Zeng and Xie. Sipu Braised Silver Carp is already a famous dish throughout province. It is carefully prepared with scaleless silver carp, some spices and exquisite fireworks. If you come to Sipa, you have never tasted a real "chain fish stew". "It's called lying.

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