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Stone sugar turtle
  • March 10,2023

Ningbo is an important incubator city in Zhejiang business group, and "prosperous" are mostly business leaders. In Ningbo, a seemingly ordinary passer-by, perhaps his relatives or family members are heads of listed companies. In such a legendary place, many classic dishes also originated, rock sugar tortoise stew is one of them, and Ningbo people, who have always been good at doing business, have a unique feel for this dish. . In Ningbo, this dish is also known as "Double Champion", and its meaning is very much in line with spirit of Ningbo people who are brave to take risks and fight.

Zhejiang people have always had a sweet tooth, which is different from Sichuan cuisine. Zhejiang cuisine is more similar to Shanghai cuisine. Heavy sugar and bright colors are main features of Ningbo cuisine. Today, rock sugar tortoise stew featured here also follows this unique cooking style.

The softshell turtle has always been a product of food therapy, a favorite of man. The softshell tortoise is sometimes called softshell tortoise or tortoise and many people mistake it for a tortoise. Since ancient times, soft shell turtle has been used as a health food, very popular among people. Many gourmets find that soft shell turtle meat combines flavor of five meats, beef, sheep, pig, deer and chicken.

Stone sugar turtle
1. The history of tortoise stew with rock sugar

The history of this classic delicacy goes back to Qing Dynasty more than two hundred years ago. According to legend, at that time, two very talented scholars went to Beijing to take an exam, and two, determined to win, met by chance in a tavern in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province.

Because they are scientists, they can't just drink and eat like ordinary people, so they accompanied literary talents in their stomachs with a table of delicious food in small tavern In Strong>, these two show their pride and make a big fuss. The scene is like a rapper battle on stage now, so alive.

Stone sugar turtle

The duel between them ranged from poetry to astronomy and geography. The comparisons weren't enough and they started to improvise again. At this time, waiter brought to table a stewed turtle with rock sugar, two of them had seen such a delicacy for first time and appreciated it very much. Before I wiggled my chopsticks, I was drawn to unique appearance of soft-shelled caramel turtle in front of me. They took a quick sip, and his unique method of making rock sugar makes people feel very fresh, combined with freshness and tenderness of soft shell turtle meat, makes for a superb treat with a unique flavor. Therefore, scholars named this dish "Take lead", not only in accordance with their mentality of going to Beijing to pass exam, but also implying great future of future.

How should I put it, this dish is so popular that these two actually won election later. One of these two scholars became number one scholar and other became tanghua. As they passed by this store, they tried this rock sugar tortoise stew again, one to satisfy their appetite and other for other things Thanks to luck bestowed by this "Supreme Number 1" >, this restaurant later became famous for Zhuangyuan Building, and rock sugar soft-shell turtle stew became a favorite among locals in Ningbo. It is the No. 1 famous dish. This soft shell turtle is still a local classic dish in Ningbo.

Stone sugar turtle

Many people who have exams or work at homewhen family members separate, will sit on a unique Ningbo style rock sugar tortoise stew, besides satisfying people Apart from oral, this is more of a good wish for family of an official career or study. In addition to unique method of making rock sugar, it also implies a sweet lifestyle. During festival dinners This famous Shanghai dish is very popular among people.

Second, development of braised softshell turtle

With development of time traces of Zhejiang merchants crossed Eurasian continent. Wherever Chinese, there are Chinese dishes, and where Zhejiang people, mountain sugar, sweet and sour, of course, sweet and sour classic food is indispensable. With continuous deepening of big data, people are becoming more and more popular among famous local dishes of Zhejiang province. From data, we can see that brown sugar soft-shell tortoise stew, yellow croaker wrapped in bean curd peel, etc. . Classic Zhejiang dishes have already become a must for many people traveling or traveling in Zhejiang.

Stone sugar turtle

At same time, with deepening of population migration, dish "Rock Sugar Stew Turtle" advanced further and further in development of business of merchants from Zhejiang. Now, in Chengdu, Sichuan and other places, this kind of candy is gradually accepted. In coastal areas such as Hainan, Guangdong and other places, this dish also incorporates new techniques, combining mountain sugar with various seafood, creating a whole new style of eating.

3. The value of stewed softshell turtle

Rock sugar tortoise stewThe reason why it is so popular in Ningbo, Zhejiang is because, in addition to unique flavor and cooking method< /strong>strong>, it has a very high nutritional value. This is also reason for favor of Zhejiang people who value diet, health and nutrition. Soft-shelled tortoise meat is called five flavor gourmet meat, which combines taste and nutritional value of five meats such as chicken, venison, fish, beef and pork . . These include various types of high quality protein. Unlike other meat proteins, soft shell turtle protein is easier for human body to digest. At same time, minerals, amino acids and various trace elements in softshell turtle are nutrients human body needs.

Stone sugar turtle

For a long time, softshell turtle has been used as an important ingredient in dietary therapy and is loved by health-conscious people. Among them, head, fat, blood and meat of soft shell turtle have different medicinal value. For women, soft shell turtle has a more obvious yin nutritional effect. Many women also eat soft shell turtle as a tonic during menstrual pain.

Especially in winter, consumption of softshell turtles is beneficial for many people. Softshell turtles can not only increase plasma protein content of human body, but also effectively improve hematopoietic function. functions of the human body; for middle-aged and elderly people, it can play a role in improving physical fitness, nourishing Yin and Yang, regulating liver function and other functions; for weak and sick people, eating soft shell turtle can also effectively reduce abnormal body temperature, body swelling and other symptoms.

Stone sugar turtle
Fourth. Conclusion

With improvement of people's living standards people's requirements for materials are getting higher and higher, especially in terms of diet. In addition to satisfying taste, people are more likely to eat healthy. A classic celebrity dish with both looks and nutritional value, Braised Turtle in Brown Sugar has long been a favorite of people from all walks of life. In ancient times, there was number one scientist named "Double Champion". Today, when people enjoy delicious food, they do not forget to place good wishes and expectations on this dish.

In today's society where population migration is increasing, this stone sugar tortoise stew has also become a favorite choice of sugar lovers across country. It continues to meet all nutritional needs of people, and its high nutritional value is also an important reason why people choose it.


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