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Pork ribs with sugar
  • March 10,2023

Material preparation:

[Main ingredients] 500g pork chops

[Side dishes] onion/ginger/star anise/dried chili pepper/bay leaf/cinnamon/green pepper/red pepper/onion/beer can/cooking wine 10g

[Ingredients] rock sugar/bean paste 10g/fermented bean curd/soy sauce 20g/aged vinegar 5g/salt 2g/chicken powder 2g/pepper 1g/sugar

Pork ribs with sugar

——[Special Production Method]—

First step: side dishes Prepare 500 grams of pork chops, cut them into small pieces, with an oblique knife, slice white part of green onion, and cut ginger into slices, and put them in a saucepan. Add one star anise, a small handful of dried peppers, a few bay leaves, one clove of cinnamon for later use, one green pepper, cut into pieces, one red pepper, also cut into pieces, half an onion, cut into slices, break up those that are stuck together, and prepare a can of beer for insurance~

Pork ribs with sugar

Fae's nitpick: side dishes are also often used at home

Second step: mourning water After all ingredients are ready, blanch ribs, add appropriate amount of water to pot, pour ribs into pot, add 10 grams of boiled wine, a few slices Remove fishy smell of ginger, crush ribs and boil blood and excess fat inside completely. After water boils, remove foam in pan, remove ribs and control water for later use~

Pork ribs with sugar

Fey quibbles: try not to wash pork ribs blanched in water, it will worsen taste of meat

Step 3. Fry sugar coloring. Heat oil in a saucepan, put a handful of rock sugar, break up rock sugar with a spoon, keep stirring, rock sugar will melt completely, and color will change from light yellow to red-brown, pour ribs into pan, fry ribs to color~

Pork ribs with sugar

Faye's nitpick: To tell if color of roasted sugar is good, you can also confirm it by smelling it, just by smelling it burnt

Step 4: Fry Add prepared spices, add some oil, fry until fragrant, add 10g bean paste, fry red bean paste oil, tofu One piece of milk, fry fermented bean curd, pour over prepared beer, pour water on side of pan, amount of water should not cover ribs~

Pork ribs with sugar

Fey's nitpick: Beer can take away fishy smell and increase freshness

Step 5 Seasoning. Turn on a strong fire, bring soup to a boil, add 20 grams of light soy sauce, 5 grams of mature vinegar, mature vinegar can dissolve phosphorus, calcium and other substances in bones, and nutritional value of 2 grams of high salt, 2 grams of chicken powder, 1 gram of pepper, a little sugar to enhance freshness, stir evenly, cover pan with a lid and turn on medium and low heat for 20 minutes, cook ribs until delicious ~

Pork ribs with sugar

Fairy's nitpick: when cooking, pay attention to amount of soup so as not to burn pan

Step 6: After 20 minutes from pot, remove spices from pot, turn on a high heat to collect juice, and collect soup until it becomes thick, pour in cooked garnishes, stir. -fry for about 1 minute, after side dish is cooked, you can remove it from pan~

Pork ribs with sugar

Fay's nitpick: Braised pork ribs is a dish, not a soup, so don't cook them too long

——Output of Braised Pork Ribs——

Braised pork ribs, as a well-known hard dish, has appeared in restaurants, on streets, in alleys and at public tables since its inception. homemade methods, because side dishes and seasonings can be added at will according to their own preferences, so taste is constantly changing, as is this sentence: nation is world, and these braised pork ribs also prove that what public likes, this is a worldwide favorite. Although everyone's tastes are different, but to keep these stewed pork ribs tender and not greasy, meat is soft and chewy, how much Key skill should not be forgotten. In terms of material selection try to buy clean ribs .Although it is expensive, but quality of meat is most delicious and tender, and taste is best;On color of fried sugar you should use rock sugar (brown sugar or white sugar is not allowed), melt it slowly over low heat, color of successfully roasted sugar should be dark burgundy red, and have a slight burnt aroma, if color is light or sweet, that is, if there is not enough heat, if it is bitter, then it is fried; In mourning water try not to wash ribs twice, this will reduce flavor of meat; >Except for soup, too much soup will lengthen cooking time, and too little soup will burn pan; As for cooking time, it should be about 20 minutes. , and time should not be too long or too short. Short meat will not be cooked, too long will make rib meat too soft and rotten and lose chewiness. Eating is not pleasant. If you have free time, you can try it at home. It's nutritious whether it's served with rice or steamed buns. Delicious~