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Emerald fish beads
  • May 21,2023

[Dish Name] Emerald Fish Balls

【Partner Cuisine】 Zhejiang Cuisine

[Features] Green and white contrast with each other, color is elegant, and fish beads are fresh and delicate.


Live silver carp (about 1000 grams). 50 grams of green peas, 4 eggs, 3 grams of Shaoxing wine, 2.5 grams of monosodium glutamate, 5 grams of ginger juice, 6 grams of refined salt , boiled 5 grams of chicken fat, 1000 grams of boiled lard (100 grams of actual oil consumption), 15 grams of wet starch.

【Production process】

Slaughter fish, remove bones and take meat, cook 250 grams of fish paste, put it on clean skin of fresh meat and spread it finely, add 250 grams of water, 5 grams of refined salt, ginger. juice, wet starch 10 Whisk egg whites, beat minced fish vigorously to make minced fish. and stir with a hand spoon while shaking. Minced fish falls into oil pan through leak hole, then put pan on high heat, and then stir gently with a hand spoon to prevent fish balls from sticking. When temperature of oil rises to 40% heat (about 88°C) when fish balls float, drain it in a colander to drain oil. In original pot, put peas and fry a little, add cooking wine, a little refined salt, add monosodium glutamate and 5 g of wet starch to thicken sauce, then add fish balls and turn pan over, push it with a spoon and pour over chicken . Pour oil into a skillet and place on a plate. Welcome to upload your recipe