Zhejiang Cuisine

Chopped fish in tomato sauce
  • June 01,2023

Chopped fish in tomato sauce


1. One barracuda descaled, opened and cleaned

2. Tear off black film on belly of fish. After tearing off, you will see blood clots in ridge. Clean it, otherwise fish will be more fishy.

3. Pour cooking wine and salt over belly of fish, stuff with scallions and chopped ginger and marinate for later use

4. Cut out rest of materials

5. Put all raw materials on bottom of baking sheet, except for shallots and coriander (leave three to five cherry tomatoes, a little onion and slices of green and red pepper)

6. Put marinated fish and grease fish skin with oil

7. Heat some oil in an iron skillet, fry Pixian bean paste and pickled black soybean paste, add delicious soy sauce and light soy sauce, boil and pour on a baking sheet

8. Preheat oven to 220 degrees up and down, put it on a baking sheet and bake for 25 minutes, add shallots, coriander and previously reserved cherry tomatoes, onion, green and red pepper

9. Bake another seven to eight minutes

10. I am really happy, full of beauty and taste


The black membrane in belly of fish and blood clot between spine and membrane must be cleaned