Sichuan people call wontons "chaoshou". The word "chaoshou" is pronounced in Sichuan dialect with a rising tone, which has a special flavor and is very pleasant. As for origin of name Chaoshou, there are many versions, and it seem...

  • May 18,2023


Jinhua ham

Jinhua Ham Jinhua ham is marinated from hind leg of a "two-headed black" Jinhua pig. Jinhua ham is bright in color, red and white, lean meat is salty and sweet, fatty meat is fatty but not greasy, tasty and delicious, rich in prot...

  • May 16,2023


Hatch Oyster

There is a folk saying that "shajin oysters have a glass belly". Shenzhen oysters are not only delicious in quality but also large in size. It is a pity that oysters at original place have become legends and history. Before Shen...

  • May 15,2023


Cangzhou hot pot chicken

I often visit Cangzhou. The first thing locals do is treat their guests to chicken in a hot pot. Be sure to try hot pot chicken when you visit Cangzhou. It has become one of most representative delicacies in Cangzhou. Cangzhou peo...

  • May 10,2023


Mianyang three for a couple

Speaking of Mianyang, many friends may not know where he is, and speaking of Xiantao, there may still be many friends who do not know where he is, but when it comes to Olympic champions Yang Wei, Li Xiaoshuang and Liao Hui, everyo...

  • May 09,2023


Grilled meat

Hello everyone, my name is Xiao Dong, I live in post-90s, I love to cook, but I'm afraid to grow meat. I cook delicious meals every day with simple ingredients! When I was little, my favorite holiday was Chinese New Year, which m...

  • May 08,2023


stuffed skin

In Northwest China, almost everyone is familiar with term "stuffed skin", right? The people of Qinghai call it "Nangpi" and people of Shaanxi - "Lianpi". Nongpi is a traditional snack with a strong local flavor in Qinghai. Served ...

  • May 06,2023


Wuxi Xiaolongbao

Production steps Wuxi Xiaolongbao 1. Wash pigskin, cut into palm-sized pieces, put a pot of water, pour water over pigskin, add a spoonful of white vinegar (can remove smell) and bring to a boil. Remove and rinse, cut off fat fro...

  • May 05,2023


dragon fat pig blood

Blood of a Fat Dragon Pig Dragon Fat Pig Blood is a famous snack in Changsha, Hunan Province. In addition to beautiful name, soft and delicate taste of pig blood is also unique. Take a sip of soup while it's hot, warm and mouthwat...

  • May 04,2023


roasted powder

Author: Green Pineapple space Ingredients Eggs 4 fried powder 3 yuan Salt for 3 persons Three grams of soy sauce stew One tablespoon less oil Need more onion and ginger in a non-stick pan Eight small pieces of garlic water More d...

  • May 03,2023