Steamed buns with milk residues
  • March 10,2023

With faith, come to Tibet to purify your soul, and you will meet all good unexpectedly. foot on that land, and those who have been there firmly believe that they will return, because their souls are lost there.

For many people, Tibet is a kind of legend, but when you really set foot on this land, shock is beyond words. Of course, for many gourmets, in such a place close to heaven was not in vain.

Steamed buns with milk residues

Actually, there are not many delicacies in Tibet, but many delicacies and snacks are desirable, and they can only be eaten in Tibet, and they are not available in other places. Today I will introduce you to Tibet.Special snacks, I think you have eaten them if you were in Tibet.

Butter tea

Almost every tourist who comes to Tibet will drink a cup of tea with butter. In eyes of Tibetans, butter tea is magic.

Steamed buns with milk residues

Ordinary outsiders cannot make this flavor. They use refined ghee and special strong tea. Both are blended. The aroma is iridescent, taste is salty, sweet and fresh, The cup is full of satisfaction, Drinking it in winter can keep you warm and protect you from cold.

Flour buns

Sounds like a desire to try, but what does a steamed bun stuffed with milk flour look like?

Steamed buns with milk residues

The starting material for preparation of steamed buns with milk residues is milk. milk residues are waste left after refining of ghee. fresh milk residues taste sour. they are used to make fillings. many people eat it. For first time, I can't get used to this taste, and it's often eaten as a snack around here.

Mountain barley wine

Alpine barley wine is a particularly famous wine in Qinghai region, which is brewed from highland barley and natural spring water.

Steamed buns with milk residues

Wine made from mountain barley is clearly different from regular white wine. Mountain barley wine is soft and soft in mouth. The next day I woke up without a headache.


Zanba, also known as "fried mountain barley noodles", is one of the staple foods of Tibetans. Zanba is usually included in three meals a day.

Steamed buns with milk residues

This is a powder obtained by roasting high mountain barley and grinding it by hand. It's a bit like fried noodles in north. After you cut it in half with your hands, take it and pinch it off and you can eat. fragrant tsampa.

Yak yogurt

Yak yogurt is very common but rarely seen on market. Firstly, this is a limited production, and secondly, problems with expiration date.

Steamed buns with milk residues

Yak yogurt skin has a layer of yellow full milk, white as jade, fragrant, very fresh, slightly sour to touch, helps digestion, increases appetite, but can also reduce cholesterol levels .

Hidden Face

Many people think that Tibetan noodles are very tasty, but they are not: Tibetan noodles feel a bit raw when eaten.

Steamed buns with milk residues

Tibetan noodles are not alpine barley noodles, but wheat flour. The recipe is also very simple. Tibetan noodles are prepared in advance for later use and then boiled in beef head soup when available. , if you like a richer taste, you can add some small ingredients, it tastes very delicious.

Chicken in a stone pot

It can be said that chicken in a stone pot is one of few gourmet dishes of Tibet that will forever be remembered.

Steamed buns with milk residues

Of course, free-range chicken is best choice. The pot used is also a pot specially made from soapstone by Tibetans. It has high thermal insulation. stewed chicken is tender and juicy, soft, rotten and elastic. scent is very unique.

Jerky beef and lamb

Qinghai has a good ecological environment and is very suitable for air drying to make beef jerky and lamb jerky, which are full of chewy properties.

Steamed buns with milk residues

Qinghai beef and lamb itself is very tender, combined with natural air-drying, taste becomes even more amazing, meat flavor is very strong, after air-drying and frying, they can be fried more capture taste of beef and lamb.

Bloody sausage

Blood sausage is a special Tibetan dish, and almost every home can cook it.

Steamed buns with milk residues

It is mainly made from cow or sheep blood mixed with highland barley tsamba and other accessories such as beef and sheep offal and seasonings. There are many ways to eat it, such as frying, baking, boiling and steaming. All of them are available, each with its own unique taste.

Steamed beef tongue

Many foreign visitors are afraid to try this dish, and it's easy to think of it when they hear name of dish.

Steamed buns with milk residues

It is mostly steamed. It tastes delicious, soft and delicate.If taste is strong, seasoning can be added, but Tibetans have a light taste and usually eat it straight, and taste is also very good.