Noodles Kunshan Aozao
  • March 10,2023

A Brief History of Food

Aozao noodles are a traditional noodle dish in Kunshan City, Suzhou, with over 100 years of history. "Aozao" means "impure" in Suzhou dialect, and can be expanded to express unhappiness and unhappiness. However, Suzhou residents who pay attention to gourmet food are fascinated by a plate of noodles with prefix "Aozao" on back. Another way to say that "Aozao" means "secret in furnace".

"Singing depends on tune, and eating noodles depends on soup." The traditional aozao noodle soup is made from herring scales, gills, fish meat and fish mucus, pig skin, snails, mussels, eel bones and other unique ingredients of water town.

Taste of origin

Kunshan City, Suzhou. All kinds of ingredients are well integrated, salty and sweet, noodles are smooth and moisturizing for throat, taste is thick but not greasy, and flavor is pungent.

Noodles Kunshan Aozao

Cooking method

Aozao noodles are best known for fried fish noodles in red oil and stewed duck noodles in white soup. Although it is a bowl of small noodles, method is exquisite and ingredients are complex. Today, let's learn how to cook red oil fried fish noodles.

Step 1

Choose live herring or grass carp, break fish meat into corrugated blocks with a knife, add soy sauce, green onion, ginger pieces, star anise, refined salt, high-quality Daqiu wine and marinate to taste;< /p>

Step 2

Pour clear water into a large saucepan, add fish head, fish scales, fish bones, chicken skeleton, meat bones, add soy sauce, white sugar, green onions, ginger (in a paste), rice wine, boil over high heat, then switch to low heat. Boil for two hours, boil thick soup with red noodles;

Step 3

Pour oil into a pan, heat it to 80%, put marinated fish pieces in deep fryer and set aside;

Step Four

Place a large bowl of noodles in cage and steam it, take it out, add hot lard (about 10 grams per bowl) and then pour it into hot soup prepared in step 2;

Step Five

Place cooked thin silver noodles on each plate, top with grilled fish pieces in step 3, sprinkle with garlic flakes and enjoy.

Ao Zao Nian pays attention to "five dishes in one, and small ingredients make soup", but to keep original taste in line with guests' current use of soup.