Pine Nut Tripe
  • March 10,2023

Pine nuts

Pine Nut Tripe

〔Auxiliary material〕

Pork belly…………l

Material for grinding... 300 grams

Pine nuts... 100 grams

Pea sprouts... 50 grams

Egg…………… 1 piece

Refined salt... 10 grams

Fava bean water powder... 30 grams

Monosodium glutamate... 1 g

Noodles with pepper... 1 g

For soup... 400 grams

Sesame oil... 3 grams

Boiled lard... 3 grams

〔Cooking method〕

1. Peel pork belly, boil it in a pot of boiling water until half ripe, remove and let cool. Put pine nuts in pan

Fry, stirring, over low heat until fragrant, wipe off thin skin.

2. Whisk eggs, add 10 grams of bean water powder and mix into egg paste. Pork belly is laid flat on a cutting board with a knife

Cut it in half from middle, smooth it out to drain water, spread egg batter over it, and then spread 1 cm thick whipping material,

Sprinkle with pine nuts, tamp with your hands, put on a plate, steam over high heat for 20 minutes, remove and let cool, cut into 1.6 parts

Square centimeter long and 1 centimeter wide.

3.Take 1 bowl with a buckle, put pieces of pork belly into it, steam in a basket, take it out and put it in a soup bowl.

4. Pour soup into pan, add refined salt, monosodium glutamate and pepper noodles, adjust taste of soup and use bean powder 20

Grate saucepan to thicken sauce, add boiled bacon, put pea shoots in saucepan, pour over pork belly and drizzle

Serve with sesame oil.

〔Creation Key〕

1. Rub stomach evenly with salt and vinegar, add some pepper to perineum, rinse it clean and remove peculiar smell.

2. Pine nuts must be roasted over low heat, otherwise fire will burn easily, which will affect its unique taste.

3. Impact material production.

Ingredients: pork fat, horsemeat, chicken breast, green onion, ginger, noodles with pepper, refined salt, egg white,

Aqueous powder and bawa bean soup.


①Cut lard and lard into slices, remove skin and bones from horse meat, and cut meat into slices, remove oil film and gum from chicken breast,

Cut into strips, put in cold water for one hour, remove, drain and beat evenly with back of a knife until

After grinding into a fine dirt without particles, place it in a bowl for later use.

②Add green onion and ginger juice, pepper, egg white, refined salt and water bean powder to meat paste and proceed with your hands

Stir, and while stirring, pour in onion-ginger juice until meat pate foams and squeezed balls disperse in clean water,

The requirement is met only in one withbetter if it doesn't sink.

The breaker material is divided into green and red breaker material. The green mass is rubbed with spinach leaves, juice of greens is squeezed out and added to mass.

In progress. For red whipping material, mash red gorgon, squeeze out red juice and add it to whipping material. Hammer color

Mineral dyes cannot be used.

〔Taste characteristics〕

"Cedar belly" is one of banquet dishes in Yunnan. This dish is white and transparent, with harmonious colors, soft and tender,

Pine nuts have a rich flavor and juice is refreshing.