Buns Gubuli
  • March 10,2023

When it comes to Tianjin's famous traditional snacks, many people think of Gubuli steamed buns. The Goubuli steamed bun has a 163-year history and has become hallmark of Tianjin.

Buns Gubuli

There is an old saying in Tianjin:"If you haven't tried Gubuli buns in Tianjin, you've never been to Tianjin". This traditional and time-honored brand once stood firmly on altar. But time passed, and heirs of Gubuli steamed buns could not properly develop foundation laid by their ancestors.

On contrary, "dogs don't care" has become "people don't care", and quality and reputation are not as good as they used to be.

Brilliant age-old brand

Goubuli Steamed Buns Company was founded in 1858 by Gao Guiyu, founder of which was originally a small steam bun shop on banks of Tianjin Canal, named "Dejiuhao", specializing in dock workers and nearby neighbors.

Buns Gubuli

It wasn't until later that people began to call his store of steamed buns "Gubuli".

Gao Guiyu was born in Xiazhuang, Wuqing County, Zhili (now Wuqing District, Tianjin) in 1831. His parents had a forty-year-old son, and they loved him very much.

In that era of wars and chaos, many children died in chaos of war. They say that simpler name of child, easier it is to support him.

Buns Gubuli

Gao Guiyu's parents nicknamed him "Gouzi" and hoped that he would grow up safe.

When he was fourteen, Gao Guiyu went to work as a waiter at Liujia Steam Food Store near South Canal in Tianjin, where he cooked steamed stuffed buns with chef.

Three years later, Gao Guiyu also left his teacher, so he left Liu's steam food shop and opened a small canal steam bun shop himself.

Gao Guiyu was first in Tianjin to use bone broth as a filling and first to use rice noodles to make steamed buns.

Steamed buns are made with a soft skin and delicious meat filling, with a special soy sauce added to enhance taste.

Buns Gubuli

Some people have also said that soup is soul of Tianjin steamed burgers, and Gao Guiyu took it to limit.

In addition, Gao Guiyu is very good at making steamed buns. 18 stacked burgers are neat, tender and beautiful, enough to attract customers.

His bun shop is thriving, he has a lot of regular customers, and some even come to his bun shop from afar to taste delicious food.

Gao Guiyu's buns have been around for a long time and have gradually gained a certain reputation, and Gao Guiyu is also a sincere businessman.

Buns Gubuli

He understands that most important thing in business is quality of product, so never falsifies meat and flour, but pays attention to real ingredients.

Therefore, Dejuhao has become almost most competitive bun shop in Tianjin.

Because business is too hot, salespeople, including boss Gao Guiyu, are often overwhelmed.They don't have time to talk to customers or even collect money.

Therefore, a frame was placed, and customers automatically put money in frame after buying buns.

Buns Gubuli

As a result, customers laughed and said: "Guzi sells buns and ignores people."

Over time, Gao Guiyu steamed stuffed buns became known as Goubuli steamed stuffed buns, and famous name "Deju Hao" was forgotten.

Gao Guiyu simply changed name of store to "Gubuli Bun Store",hence name "Gubuli"

For decades, quality of Gubuli buns remained same as before, and business flourished. Gradually, he became one of representatives of traditional Tianjin snacks, known as one of "Three Wonders of China". Tianjin.

Buns Gubuli

It is said that when Yuan Shikai was training new army in Tianjin, he often heard name of steamed burger Gubuli.

So I bought some burgers as a tribute and gave them to Empress Dowager Cixi at palace. Also for longevity".

At present, Gubuli steamed buns are becoming more and more famous. When people from all over country come to Tianjin, they should definitely try Gubuli Steamed Buns.

At a crossroads in Tianjin, it says that anyone who sells buns must yell. But dog did not need to yell, and there was an endless stream of guests who came here with admiration.

Buns Gubuli

Liang Shiqiu also mentioned: "Tianjin Baozi is also widely known, especially Gubuli's name is very famous."

In 1916, Gao Guiyu died of an illness, and his son Gao Jinming inherited property, continued to develop his father's business and craftsmanship, and opened branches in other places in Tianjin.

In 1947, Gao Jinming's son inherited Goubuli steam bun shop.

Despite fact that during operation there were some turns, the Goubuli sign has always stood firm.

The development of future generations should introduce old and give birth to new.Goubuli steamed bun store has not only expanded its stores, opened several branches, but also introduced several new types of steamed buns.

Buns Gubuli

Initially, there were only pork buns and three-delicacy buns, but later there were more"jinzhen buns", "longfeng buns", "tangerine duck buns", "assorted buns" and so on.

In fact, there is no fundamental difference between Gubuli buns and other buns. .

Whether they are domestic or foreign tourists who go to Tianjin, Gubuli buns are a must try, and Gubuli buns have really captured hearts of tourists with their delicious taste.