Jining Dried Rice
  • March 10,2023

Jerky Dried Rice is a famous traditional snack in Jining area. A zong is a food container. As name suggests, cooked meat is stored in Zongrou. Originating during Yuan Dynasty, people at that time mixed meat and rice stewed in earthenware to eat them, which had a special taste, so it gradually evolved into today's dried rice.

With development of social economy, dried rice has been constantly improved and updated, and a number of dishes have been added, such as fried buns, gluten, meatballs and eggs. Today, dried rice is still loved by most people in Jining, and dried rice is also developing and growing, and will eventually become leading snack food in Jining.

Today I will share with you how to cook this delicacy at home. It's actually very simple. Please listen to detailed description below.


Pepper, allspice, star anise, cinnamon, ginger slices, dried chili, cloves Appropriate amount Light soy sauce Appropriate amount Egg Appropriate amount Ribs 750 g Gluten 250 g Tofu 500 g Onion ginger garlic Appropriate


1. Peel pork ribs, add chopped ginger and cooking wine and blanch them for later use;

2. Kelp beaten in garden festivals, boiled in hot water to remove mucus;

Jining Dried Rice

3.Cut tofu into large slices, pour oil into pan, fry oil until golden brown on both sides and remove for later use;

Jining Dried Rice

4. Gluten sticks cut into diamond shapes for later use, fragrant leaves, star anise, peppercorns, ginger slices, cinnamon bark, pepper, cloves, a little of each for later use;

Jining Dried Rice

5.Pour oil into pan, put sugar in oil and fry a little, after saccharification put anise and ribs in brazier;

Jining Dried Rice

6.After coloring, add sweet noodle sauce, very fresh soy sauce, stewed soy sauce and continue to stir-fry with salt;

7. Put all processed ingredients one by one, cover with water to cover, cook for an hour over medium to low heat and it will come out of pot. It is especially delicious with rice.

Jining Dried Rice

The above is a homemade recipe for famous Jining dish, dried rice. If this Jinning delicacy is not enough for you, you can make it at home by following instructions above. The taste is similar to taste of your hometown.