Kaifeng Peanut Cake
  • March 10,2023

Kaifeng is located in northeastern part of Henan Province. The main crop is wheat. Since it is close to Yellow River, rice is also grown here. For example, a rice village in northern suburbs of Kaifeng and Duliang village in Kaifeng. The county is rich in rice.

But Kaifeng's most distinctive agricultural product is peanut.

Kaifeng Peanut Cake

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Great selection of peanut cakes

This is Henan Intangible Cultural Heritage

Kaifeng peanuts are good, and people of Kaifeng love to eat peanuts too. Peanuts are sold in all restaurants, but most surprising is intangible cultural heritage of Henan province - Kaifeng peanut pie.

Peanut cake is made from sugar, honey and roasted peanuts. It is golden in color, sweet in taste, melts in mouth and does not stick to teeth. This is a real delicacy.

Kaifeng Peanut Cake

At first there were only plain peanut cakes, but now there are more and more flavors, including spicy peanut cakes, nutty peanut cakes, sweet osmanthus flavored peanut cakes, salt and pepper peanut cakes, sesame peanut cakes, pink peanut cakes. cakes and walnut flavors. Peanut Cake, Almond Flavored Peanut Cake, etc.

The taste is different, and color of packaging is different. The packaging is divided into traditional packaging and exquisite packaging.

Traditional packaging wrapped in straw paper, covered with square red paper labeled "Traditional Peanut Cake" and then tied securely with straw rope. This type of peanut pie is usually available in two sizes, eight taels and one cat, and price is affordable.

The beautiful packaging is packaged in paper boxes with pictures of Kaifeng scenic spots, such as Longting, Iron Tower, Baogong Mansion, etc., and one box can contain several flavors, and price is a little expensive.

Hai Kee Peanut Cake and Bai Kee Peanut Cake, founded in 1905, are well known peanut cake brands.

Kaifeng Peanut Cake

I remember when I was studying, there was a Qin Ki peanut cake. Unfortunately, Qin family has not baked peanut cake for many years. In addition, there are many family workshops that produce peanut cake.

There are stalls selling peanut cakes in streets and alleys of Kaifeng.

I remember coming home during Spring Festival in 2002. The sky was clear and sun shone brightly. When I walked to west entrance of Renhe Road in morning, I saw an old woman making peanut cakes.

A large wooden stake was placed on side of road, and on it was burnt peanuts mixed with sugar and honey. She swung long-handled wooden mallet, "Han Yu Han Yu" with both hands and smashed it. for peanuts.

Kaifeng Peanut Cake

Smash while flipping peanut and then "Hang Yu Hang Yu" to continue rounds. After repeated rounds of breaking, a peanut pie is obtained, which is cut into long strips with a knife.

An old lady's peanut cake cost 10 yuan and 3 kittens. I bought 6 cats and brought them to my family to try.

However, when I was studying, I often went to shop at South Gate of Heda to buy peanut cakes, price was affordable.

I'm a nostalgic person, so after working for many years, I still love to go to this store for peanut cakes. Every time I buy dozens of packs, some of which I bring to family and friends, and some of which I keep for myself .