wormwood noodles
  • March 10,2023

Mugwort noodles are a local delicacy in Zhongning, Ningxia.

As they say, people depend on food. The Chinese are very picky about food and know how to eat. Not only does each place have its own cuisine, such as: Sichuan cuisine, Anhui cuisine, Southern Fujian cuisine, Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine, etc., each place also has its own special delicacy snacks, which are even known far and wide. . Travelers go to places, they not only appreciate local beauty, but also come here to taste delicious local delicacies. While traveling around Ningxia, many people will come to try Zhongning Haozi noodles.

Mugwort noodles are a local noodle specialty in Zhongning, Ningxia. Artemisia noodle restaurants can be seen everywhere in Ning County. Some major Artemisia noodle restaurants may sell it online. You can see how much people love Artemisia noodles.

Materials for making Artemisia noodles: wormwood seed powder, plain flour, food lye or baking soda powder, fresh lamb, green radish, green onion, ginger, garlic and various seasonings.

How to cook wormwood noodles. A bowl of delicious Artemisia noodles consists of excellent Artemisia noodles and a few spoonfuls of delicious lamb soup. Both Guan Jian.

How to cook wormwood noodles:

First step: prepare wormwood seed powder. Wormwood is a wild low shrub plant, autumn is its ripening time, people take off its smooth gray seeds, which are smaller than millet grains, and dry them in sun, they are ground into powder and become wormwood powder for later use. (Mugwort seed powder is also sold locally)

Second step: knead dough, which is very important, put appropriate amount of wormwood seed powder into flour, and dissolve appropriate amount of lye (in some places you can not buy large pieces of lye, you can also use baking soda powder) with warm water Knead dough, and The dough will become slightly softer and easier to roll out because Artemisia noodles are very sticky. Knead risen dough several times until it becomes smooth and even, put it in a basin, cover with plastic wrap and wake up for five hours, during which you can knead twice more. Then roll out dough into a large sheet, wait for a while, and then sprinkle with flour (a little more, otherwise it will stick when cutting), roll up and cut into medium thickness noodles for later use.

Third step: Slow fried soup. Cut fresh lamb into small cubes, and green radish into small cubes (it is better if lotus root is added there) and fry your famous stewed lamb soup.

Step 4. Boil water in another pot, put Artemisia sativa noodles (shake noodles in front of bottom to shake off excess flour in noodles), boil for about five minutes, remove and put in a bowl, then scoop up mutton broth and you will cook tarelku haozi noodles with local specialties.

Some families may find it difficult to make sagebrush noodles now. So it's not recommended to do it yourself, just buy a bowl if you're hungry. Or buy chaozi noodles online, which is also a good way to fry saozi yourself. The seller will pack sliced ​​noodles in layers in a cardboard box, you can put it in refrigerator and eat it several times when you buy it at home, which is very convenient.

wormwood noodles

This older sister rolls wormwood noodles

wormwood noodles

Mugwort noodles are rolled out and dried

wormwood noodles

Look at piece of wormwood noodles that are being dried here for use