Zhangye rubs fish eggs
  • March 10,2023

Gansu, located at golden crossroads of Silk Road, is an important place for origin of agriculture and cultivates many delicacies. Each region of Gansu has its own unique taste. For example: world-famous Lanzhou beef noodles, fragrant Sangke pasture food - Tibetan bag Gannan, famous food that smells thousands of miles away - Jingning fried chicken, popular "Little Jiangnan" snack in Longshan - Potato Stirring. Tuan, first delicacy in Sihuang's hometown - Tianshui guagua, first homemade dish in Tongcheng - Baiyin sour rotten meat, representative of golden culture of Zhangye pasta - Ganzhou fish roe rub, etc.

Ganzhou is mainly pasta of various categories. For example, pulling strips, pulling slices, stuffing leather, firecrackers, rubbing fish roe, etc. Pao Zhanzi means "stirred roast", also known as "frying gun". Stir-fry frying is somewhat similar to kneading caviar, both kneading, but after frying and cooking noodles, you need to wake up noodles for half an hour, knead dough into strips 30-40 cm long, put them in a tray and cover them with plastic cloth. Continue waking noodles for about half an hour, then boil long and round strips in boiling water, take them out, and then stir-fry them with vegetables and stew before eating. Since noodles are shaped like fireworks, they are called "Pao Zhangzi".

Zhangye Chaopao is especially famous for his Song Ji Chaopao. Unique flavor profile.

Zhangye rubs fish eggs

After all elements of grated caviar are collected, nose becomes fragrant, and color and aroma are attractive.

Among many types of pasta, grated fish roe is one of varieties with most characteristic characteristics of Ganzhou. Grated caviar is not only full of individual characteristics, but also has advantages over other pasta, therefore it is deeply loved by people.

Ganzhou caviar rub is not only food for general public, but also elegant. Even at a banquet for guests of honor, a small bowl of caviar is icing on cake. People who love pasta will not find those who do not like to rub fish caviar.

The raw material for rubbing fish caviar is mainly flour, including wheat, barley, buckwheat, etc., which can be kneaded separately or mixed together. The skill of rubbing fish roe is relatively simple. First, use salt water to mix flour into a soft and hard dough. Use a rolling pin to roll dough into noodles about half a centimeter thick, and then cut noodles into square noodles. Mash noodles into pieces about one inch long with two pointed ends, boil them with water and serve immediately.

Zhangye rubs fish eggs

Hold noodles with your left hand and use your right hand to mash noodles on bar into a one inch long fish noodle with two pointed ends. It turns out one grated fish caviar.

When kneading fish caviar and noodles, it should not be too soft, otherwise it is easily deformed. The roe of processed roe is thick in middle and pointed at both ends, like small white fish fry, hence name.

There are many ways to eat caviar, which can be eaten in soup or dry. The taste of soup is similar to noodles, boil mashed fish caviar in boiling water, add homemade green onion seasoning and serve. For dry food, boil pureed fish roe, drain, mix with fatty chili, mustard, garlic and other seasonings and serve immediately. If eaten with homemade dishes such as dayflower seeds and kwukai, taste will be even better, and all guests who eat it will praise it.

Zhangye snacks have a long history. Since Ming and Qing dynasties, traditional specialty snacks mainly include boiled noodles, small rice, mutton jerky, pork stew, green onion pie, pomace, jelly, squid roe, Ganzhou noodles, beef, rice, etc. Types of pasta There is many different models and very local features. Xiaofan beef is another famous snack in Zhangye. "Rice" in Xiaofan is not rice, but noodles. Xiaofan is made with small vegetables, small tofu, small pieces of meat, and small noodles. Cheng, hence name Xiaofan. Cut noodles size of a grain of rice, boil them in water, and then pour over ingredients of a delicious soft soup. From a distance, noodles in soup really look like rice grains with distinct grains. Small rice soup is made with chicken broth or beef bone soup, served with vermicelli, tofu slices, beef slices, etc. The hot soup is drizzled with "rice", which has a strong flavor and a fragrant nose. color and smell are attractive.

In city of Ganzhou, caviar shops dot streets and alleyways, and are as popular as Lanzhou-style beef noodles. For zhangye people, feeling of happiness may come from quietly eating a bowl of grated fish roe every day.