chongqing steamer
  • March 10,2023

Potted spices, 2 ketties of cabbage, 1 ketty of star anise, 5 kettes of fennel, 4 kettes of fragrant fruit, 1 ketty of old buckle, 1 ketty of licorice, 2 kettes of white buckle, 2 kettes of amomum, 1 angelica cat, 1 carnation cat, 1 cat, 2 red buckle cats, 2 Qianlixiang cats, 2 fragrant leaf cats, 1 tangerine peel cat, 2 grass cats, 2 spiritual herb cats, 2 papaya cats, 1 kitty cinnamon bark, 1 kitty patchouli, 1 kitty cumin, 1 kitty Piper Piper, 2 lemongrass kitties, 1 Gansong kitty, and 1 gardenia kitty. (Crush and stir well)

For 100 kati of butter, 2~3 kati of spices are used

Preparing base for hot pots

40 Butter Cutties, 2 Shizhuhong Cutties, 4 Neihuang New Generation Cutties, 2 Guizhou Sweet Pepper Cutties, 3 Maowen Chinese Prickly Ash Cutties, 6 Pixian Red Bean Paste Cutties, 2 Bean Cutties and Sleep , 0.5 centners of rock sugar, 0.5 centners of fermented glutinous rice, 0.5 centners of high-grade liquor (above 50 degrees) and 0.5 centners of spices.

Two sliced ​​ginger ketties, two diced ginger ketties, three green onion ketties, and three garlic ketties.

Place three types of peppers in boiling water, cook until peppers can be gently torn apart with your hands, then grind them with a blender and beat into sesame pepper. Maowen Zanthoxylum bungeanum swells in warm water and drains. Put butter in a saucepan, heat it over medium heat until it is oil-free, add green onions, ginger slices, deep-fry over low heat until fragrant and remove. After temperature of oil has dropped, put Pixian bean paste on a low heat, sauté slowly over low heat, keep stirring pot, fry for a while, add bean paste and sauté slowly over low heat. over low heat, fry bean paste until fragrant and fry Tsvet, after frying, add Shiba chili and swollen peppercorns. At this time, it is best to stir pan alone and add only sea pepper. After frying over medium heat, heat, add rock sugar and fermented glutinous rice. The oil temperature is maintained at about 110 degrees and does not stop. After frying for 2-3 hours, water vapor will decrease. After aroma of pepper and pepper appears, color of pepper skin will begin to shine. Add spices and quality white wine over low heat, fry for another 10 minutes, and turn off heat. After turning off heat, stir constantly, because bottom of pot is still warm, transfer it to another bucket after turning off fire, and it will become bottom of hot pot.

Hot red oil

60 quintals of butter, 20 quintals of lard and 20 quintals of soybean oil

Chili powder, 5 pieces of shizhuhong, 8 pieces of new generation neihuang and 5 pieces of guizhou sweet pepper.

10 Pixian Red Bean Cutty Paste, 3 Cutty Beansmother and child, 5 cutties of red pepper Maowen, 1.5 cutties of rock sugar, 2 cutties of fermented glutinous rice and 1 cutty of high-quality liquor.

Three slices of ginger, three slices of green onions, two ketties of garlic and two ketties of spices (soak spices in wine and beat spices until medium before use)

Put butter, lard and soybean oil in a frying pan and melt. The temperature of non-foaming oil is about 150 degrees. Add ginger, green onions, garlic, fry yolk and remove. oil temperature drops, turn on low heat. Add bean paste and mother and baby beans, fry until fragrant, add glutinous rice pepper and soaked peppercorns, after frying, add sugar and pepper, constantly stir pan, keep oil temperature 110 degrees, and fry for 10 minutes Add swollen spices, fry about 2~3 hours, when water vapor decreases and flavor overflows, turn off low heat, fry chili until brown-red, add white of wine, fry a little and turn off heat.

Hot butter dish

Sesame sesame oil, garlic paste, oyster sauce, chopped green onion, coriander powder, spicy green millet, spicy red millet.

The bottom of pot is mixed with red soup

Two grams of salt, 40 grams of chicken essence, 25 grams of monosodium glutamate, 4 grains of rock sugar, 25 grams of glutinous rice, 20 grams of ginger, 200 grams of raw butter, 20 grams of red pepper, 10 grams of sea pepper, 7 taels of main material , red butter 7 cutties, 5 cutties broth, three green onion knots

White soup

Three slices of tomato, 2 grams of green onions, 30 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 2 grams of salt, 40 grams of chicken essence, 25 grams of monosodium glutamate, 3 grams of chicken juice, 20 grams of ginger slices, a little chicken oil, 2 grams of wolfberry, marmalade Two grams, five cutlets of broth.

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