• March 13,2023

Early morning in northern autumn and winter

or street or lane

In a world where fireworks are most violent

Smoking Shanxi breakfast table

There is always a unique delicacy - brain

Mind is the tonic

Also known as "Bazhen Soup"


This taste has been preserved since 1632.

Because of hometown of hermit Fu Shan, a famous physician in late Ming Dynasty

He took care of his frail and ill mother, who had trouble walking

The therapeutic and prophylactic therapeutic diet "Soup Bazhen" has been developed

It has been passed down from generation to generation for almost 400 years

Now it has become Shanxi Intangible Cultural Heritage

People's reputation is "mother-soup of filial piety"

It contains not only meaning of caring for loved ones

Behind it lies a simple and strong cultural story of Shanxi people


Mind is Taiyuan's unique breakfast

In a bowl of soup

Place a few large pieces of lamb

A few pieces of lotus root, a long sweet potato, some boiled noodles

Add astragalus, ginger, distillation grains, rice wine, eight kinds of materials in total

Single entry, mixed flavor fills nasal cavity

The aftertaste that spreads between lips and teeth remains sweet

It makes people feel like there is food in all directions

But this bowl of human fireworks


Drinking brains in Taiyuan is also called "driving brains"

It means drinking your brain early, before dawn

When I wake up in morning

The yang energy of human body gradually increases

The mind is warm and diffused

Come immediately into bowl of a warm and fat mind

How it slowly melts on tip of tongue

From lips and teeth to stomach

Probably in Taiyuan, where breath can turn to frost

It was warm all day


One cup of reason, two taels of siu mai, three cups of rice wine

With a small plate of pickled leeks

Such a breakfast can give a complete sense of ritual

Taste moist and simple happiness

Frequently eats brains

It can nourish stomach, harmonize stomach and cleanse intestines

Speeds up metabolism

Also has an immunity boost


Mind carefully prepared by Mr. Fu Shan

They have become an excellent diet of medicines and products to promote health and prolong people's lives.

So much taste of old Taiyuan

One sip will make you feel old

Behind "mind" in full swing

In world of delicious and simple food

Following traditional virtues of respect for elderly and filial piety

He embodies cooking wisdom of people of Taiyuan

It has more to do with emotions and fireworks of people of Taiyuan


Drinking brain is especially important—

1. From Bailu in lunar calendar to early next spring, this is best and most popular time to eat brains in Taiyuan. etc.) have "brains" in list. Most stores sell brains from 6:30 am to 10:00 am, so don't oversleep.

2. Don't rush to drink brain, firstly because it burns mouth, and secondly, its taste is often difficult for first-timers, so you need to taste it carefully.

3. Since brain contains rice wine and distillate grains, drivers should not drive after drinking alcohol to avoid the inconvenience caused by drunk driving.

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