Yiliang roast duck
  • March 14,2023

Ingredients: 10 fat and strong young ducks (preferably more than 1 kg each), 50 grams of honey, 100 grams of pepper and salt, 100 grams of green onions, 300 grams of water. radish, 200 g each of sesame paste and sweet noodle sauce.

Cooking method 1. After butchering duck, scald it with boiling water to remove hair, then put it in clean water to select fine wool, cut a small hole under left wing, take out entrails, esophagus and pouch with food and take it out. Lower duck tongue, cut off wings and duck legs at joints. Use a reed pole about 10 cm long, cut it in shape of a fork and thread it into chest from side mouth of body. First put head of fork on spine and other end on three-fork bone of chest. chest to make duck breast convex to keep shape of body. Rinse with clean water, hook head of duck with duck hook, inhale from left mouth to make skin of duck swell, put it in a pot of boiling water and immediately lift it up. Fill abdomen with boiling water, and then use a cane rod about 7 cm long and cut both ends of oblique mold to insert it into anus so that soup in abdomen does not flow out and retains water.

2. Rub honey evenly on whole body of duck, then hang duck hook around neck of duck, secure two wings with a lattice stick, and hang it in a ventilated place to dry.

3. Use dry pine hair rope to heat duck stove to 70–80 °C. When there is no smoke, use a fire shovel to flatten pine hair charcoal; place soil in a bowl under each duck (for duck fat), place duck on top of oven, hang it up and cover with a lid; about every 10 minutes, open lid and turn it over once, fry back first, then belly and brush with oil to make fire even; time is determined according to tenderness of duck meat, and it can be cooked in about 30 minutes. After it comes out of oven, take out anal cane stalk, control soup in belly, cut it in half from middle, cut into long cubes, put on a plate, keep shape of a duck and serve. with pepper, salt, green onion, radish, sesame paste and sweet noodle sauce. Features Bright and oily, red in color, crispy and tender, with a delicate aroma.

*Kunming sesame peanut butter. Sesame is used as a raw material, while peanuts are produced by washing, roasting and grinding. It is both fragrant and sweet, not bitter and not astringent, an indispensable ingredient for preparation of bait, a good seasoning for cold cuts and cold dishes.

The above recipes were found in Yunnan Culinary Collection published by China Food Publishing House in 1988. In recent years in andYiliang's catering industry has been debating whether to call it "roast duck" or "roast duck". Based on published recipes, it should have been called "roast duck" in early years, "duck" must later be introduced with foreign roast duck. The name gradually formed.

Yiliang roast duck

Zhou Xiyue, Fifth Generation Heir of Yiliang Lan Xuecheng Roast Duck

Yiliang roast duck