qiqihar barbecue
  • March 14,2023

There are many barbecue restaurants in Qiqihar, some Qiqihar residents have their own barbecue utensils at home so that relatives and friends can eat barbecue together. The main character of barbecue is beef, as well as grilled vegetables, grilled clams, grilled sweet potatoes, grilled onions and grilled squid. Barbecue seasonings include cumin, sesame, red pepper, peanut flour, black pepper, monosodium glutamate, and salt. Various sauces for dipping can be chosen independently.

1 culture

There are many ways to barbecue in Qiqihar. The people of Qiqihar love to eat BBQ, which contributes to development of Qiqihar barbecue industry. [1]

Most people in Qiqihar have their own baking sheets at home. The pot is divided into two parts, lower part is an oven with coal fire, and upper part is an iron lid with eyes on which meat is roasted. A characteristic feature of Qiqihar kebab is that seasonings added to cold cuts are different in each family, which creates a variety of flavors. It also contributed to development of Qiqihar barbecue culture.

Qiqihar preserves true nature of Northeast. People here like to drink from large bowls and eat large chunks of meat, reflecting urban culture of Qiqihar and personality of Qiqihar people. [2]

2 ingredients

The main character of barbecue is beef. The best beef is purple cap and upper brain of a two-year-old cow, and best is lean and fatty. It is called shish kebab, but in fact it is repaired, and meat is already fried. In recent years, fried vegetables, fried clams, fried sweet potato, fried raw garlic, fried squid, fried grasshoppers, in short, everything that can be eaten fried, fried. Have no taste . What smell? It's so wonderful that you can't explain it clearly, you can only experience it by eating it.

3 practices

The key to barbecue lies in word "mixing". Naturally, green onions, ginger, garlic and wine are indispensable, but how much to put in depends on your hands. Salting is more difficult, less, tasteless, too much, taste of meat is suppressed, too early, meat is old, too late, and taste will not enter. It's another thing to mix oil, less oil, stick to pan, more oil, smoke. All of above is relevant. For this reason, in every family there is a master who knows how to mix meat, and in every department there is a capable person who mixes meat.

After adjusting fire on coals, wipe lid with fatty meat first, purpose is to prevent meat from sticking to pan. The meat is laid out on iron plate, and a creaking sound is heard. At this time, surface of meat has changed color. Turn it over and again listen. It creaks and it's ready to eat. Well-done meat changes color on outside and bright red on inside, at which time it is freshest, tenderest and most meaty in taste. Those who are timid are afraid to see red blood, no matter how familiar they are with it, and they will not be able to eat best taste.

When cookinggrilled meat should have a row of dipping boxes, which are respectively filled with cumin, sesame, chili noodles, peanut noodles, pepper noodles, monosodium glutamate and salt. Meat that is properly tossed tastes different when dipped in different dipping sauces. People who eat it can choose what they want according to their tastes. So one pot of meat can have countless flavors.

Over time, original charcoal barbecue is getting smaller and smaller. Times are evolving, so a batch of “healthy barbecue” of a new era has appeared. For example, "Sunshine Today", "Perfect Life", etc. gave people of Qiqihar a new choice. It also allows outsiders to better understand beauty of Qiqihar barbecue.

The dipping sauce in Qiqihar kebab is very unusual. Barbecue ingredients are so delicious that people can't help but use them for bibimbap when they're not eating barbecue.

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