Pot Weifang Chaotian
  • March 15,2023

According to legend, reversed towards sky The pot originated from Daji in Weixian County in middle of Qing Dynasty. Weixian Daji is largest in Shandong and is said to have "one hundred thousand people" and becomes a problem when too many people eat, hence Chaotianguo. Its early name was offal pot.

The Chaot pot was originally A popular cooking method in Weifang area entered market in early years. Some people set up a large iron pot on side of road to cook vegetables and hot rice for passers-by. In pot, piglets, meatballs, dried tofu, etc. were cooked. The soup is boiled and meat is rotten, and customers sit around pot. The master in charge of pot scoops up hot soup, adds coriander, soy sauce, etc., and prepares thin noodles for personal use. pot does not have a lid, it is popularly called "chaotian pot". In fact, Banqiao banquet originated from a Chaotian pot in Weifang. Keeping traditional flavor of local flavor, other ingredients of Weifang cuisine were incorporated, and folk flavor of roadside shop turned into a high-end banquet. elegant literary style hall. After continuous improvement, Weifang Chaotian Pot was recognized as "Famous Chinese Snack" and "Famous Shandong Snack" by China Culinary Association and Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce in 1997 respectively. Over time, chaotian pot spread throughout city, and now it has become a "chaotian banquet". This festival uses chicken and donkey meat to boil soup, mostly boiled whole pigs including pig's head, liver, lungs, heart, belly, intestines, and then served with sweet noodle sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, pickles, peppers , green onions. , ginger, star anise, cinnamon, salt, coriander, sesame oil, green radish sticks and more than a dozen spices and cold dishes. Diners sit around a special dining table, in center of which is a large pot 50 cm in diameter and 65 cm deep. There is a slot in round table, and waiter is in slot, scooping and slicing ingredients in pot according to requirements of guests, so that guests can take their time to taste.

This article is for to share with everyone The main production method of "chaotian pot".

Create Ingredients

main Ingredients:Pig bones and spring pancakes.

Accessories :Pig head, pig liver, pig intestine, pig lung, pig heart, pig belly, egg, meatballs, pickles, green onion, garlic sprouts, lettuce, coriander, star anise, ginger, spices, sugar, pepper, ground pepper.

Create Method

1. Big pig Bones blanch with boiling water from blood, add star anise, ginger (in paste) and spices to a boil, after boiling, remove foam, add salt, sugar, cooking wine and cook until meat is ready.

2, pig head , Wash pork liver, pig intestines, pig lungs, pig heart, pork belly and other auxiliary materials with clean water, blanch them in boiling water, then pour into pot, add onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and spices to cook meat and cook 2 .5-3.5 hours.

3. Inside a bowl, put chopped green onions, coriander powder, pepper noodles, monosodium glutamate and pour into bone broth. You can roll your favorite ingredients into one cake and eat it.

Note Matters

Source head pigs Remove meat after cooking and set aside.

Rotate pot with “ In second row of seven main assemblies, people are like mountains near Bailan River. The cold flowing snow turns fire red, and fragrant pot facing sky is famous. The meat in Chaotian pot is fatty but not greasy, and soup is light but not cloudy. Eaten with pancakes. endless.

Weifang Chaotian pot and Guoshaobing in Beijing (i.e. offal soup, chili), etc. - all Chinese food cultures with same approach, but equally satisfactory resultstatami.

Pot Weifang Chaotian
Pot Weifang Chaotian
Pot Weifang Chaotian