Jiangxi Fish Pie
  • March 19,2023

Introduction to Fish Pie Fish pie has always been considered a well-known traditional dish with a thousand-year history, for a long time it was popular only at royal banquets of royal palace nobility. According to legend, in ancient times, when Emperor Shun visited south, he was accompanied by his beloved concubine Xiaoxiang. Due to fatigue on way, second concubine did not think about food and drink, and day by day she lost weight. In desperation, Emperor Zhongshun searched for famous recipe, but was never able to make it easier. Later, a fisherman named Bo offered him expertly cooked fishcakes, after which second concubine Xiaoxiang felt rested and relieved of her travel fatigue. Emperor Shun, who loved people as much as his son, saw magic of fish cakes, so he ordered Bo to pass on production method to everyone, and since then, fish cakes have become popular. During Guangxu period of Qing Dynasty, Emperor Guangxu's favorite concubine, Concubine Zhen, had a special fondness for fish cakes since childhood, and she had to eat them at every meal. And her favorite fish cake was presented in palace, and it was very popular in palace. In order to show greatness of palace, cooks of imperial dining room, according to recipe given by concubine Zhen, carefully improved and perfected it, and it became a famous dish in palace. fish pie. However, after Empress Dowager Cixi gave Concubine Zhen death for following Guangxu and supporting Reform Movement of 1898, Concubine Zhen's fish cake also disappeared in palace along with Concubine Zhen.


Gannan fish cake (appropriate amount), green pepper (2), red pepper (1), lean meat (appropriate amount), minced garlic, soy sauce, salt, pepper black pepper (appropriate amount)


1. First, prepare ingredients, cut green and red pepper into pieces. If you like spicy food, you don't need to remove seeds ~ chop garlic, cut lean meat into strips, then cut into cubes, and finally chop, add a small amount of oil, salt, pepper and soy. sauce and mix well for later use. 2. Heat oil in a pan, fry pan-fried fish cakes again (because they are stored in refrigerator, so this heating action takes place, it seems that fish cakes are divided into fried and not fried, even this itself is already fried, and I want it to be dry, so I'm frying it again), then scoop it up and set it aside. 3. First, fry minced garlic in original pot, then add green and red pepper in turn, add some salt, and finally add minced meat, mix well, then add fish cakes, fry, and finally sprinkle with soy sauce. sauce.