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  • March 28,2023

Dujie, such old Beijing food with its own serving is famous and controversial. People who come to Beijing want to taste it. evil very evil. What is soy juice? How to drink soy juice without being shy when you arrive in Beijing?


Known from outside

/ Dark Kitchen/

Soy sauce is a dark dish as famous as stinky Swedish canned herring and Eskimo pickled puffin. If it is not most famous in China, then it can enter top three. This is due to taste of soy juice, it is often difficult to get used to drinking it for first time, thinking that it is same as "swill", and those who love this drink think that "three tastes" are sour and sweet. I don't know what swill smells like, but soy juice does have a very strong fermented sour taste. When I first tried soy juice, I forgot it, maybe I don't remember it. At that time, adults at home got me drunk, anyway, now I think this thing is quite tasty. There is a scene in Mansion Gate where an old man from Bai family feeds his grandson soy juice. Maybe my grandfather also fed me that when I was young.

bean juice

Film and TV drama "Mansion Gate"

Soy juice, you must add this Huayin son, if you say soy juice, it is a different food. Mr. Hu Jinquan wrote in his book about Lao She, "Those who cannot drink soy juice are not considered true people of Peiping culture." This is true, because soy juice is one's own in old age. kind of food. , can only be seen in city of Beijing, outside city, no one drinks soy juice in countryside outside city. Whether it's a common man, a charioteer, or Prince Baelor from an aristocratic family, they all like it. Mr. Liang Shiqiu once wrote, “Hard-working Kuhaha picks soy milk, eats grated tofu. and rolls big pancakes., drinks bean juice, just pickles. Girls and friends at head of house, it is inconvenient to appear in public on streets and alleys, and drink bean juice with poor commoners, and they will send their servants or old mothers to buy a casserole and heat it up her home. Drink a special drink."

bean juice

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Soy milk

/ How did you do it? how to drink //

"The garbage can be used to make porridge, and taste of old pulp is thin and thick.Come and sit down together, regardless of gender, and everyone has a cup of delicious salt. "This is 'Yan'. The poems contained in Du Xiao's Miscellaneous Food Songs are about soy juice. Bean juice comes from ladies' room. This ladies' room is a place where starch for powder leather is produced. In old Beijing, most of starch was made from mung beans.The thick and stagnant powder slurry is motofu.Due to fermentation process, soy juice has a strong sour taste.There are two types of earliest soy juice: soy juice porridge with particles size of grain and soy juice with a finer texture and no particles.Later, bean juice porridge gradually disappeared from market, and only bean juice was distributed on market.

bean juice bean juice

Foreign boy tasted soy juice for first time and instantly turned into a set of emoticons | | TASTEBUDS Lin Nibbler is

There are two ways to drink soy milk in old Beijing. One is to drink raw soy milk directly. Typically, this way of drinking in summer. Raw soy milk is best bought cold. and it's pretty fat. You can't drink pickles if you're drinking raw bean juice; Another way to drink is to drink cooked bean juice. You can either go to a store that sells bean juice or buy it from a merchant who pushes a cart around alley, boil it in a pot, or go to a bean juice barn or a bean juice picker to drink. The habit of old Beijing bannermen to drink porridge after eating (the bannermen say that eating means eating rice), said while eating: "I have porridge" , which means “do not eat”, and boiled soy juice can replace porridge after a meal.

bean juice

Doujuer |

Boiling soy juice is an art. When boiling, temperature must be correct. It cannot be too big or too small. I once heard an old man say that first you need to scoop up a spoonful of soy juice and pour it into a pot, then scoop another spoonful after pot boils, and repeat this process until amount is sufficient. Usually my mom makes soy sauce at home and heat is well regulated. I have never tried this method, but now every family uses gas stoves or induction cookers. It should be much more convenient to control heat than it used to be on charcoal stoves.

bean juice

Juice from boiled beans | China Daily | Ye Jun

Douji sheds are commonly used at temple fairs. Temple fairs use a blue cloth barn with a bean juice pot, tables and stools, and a "Douji Mou" sign. Soy juice picks are usually lined up together in an alley, with tables, benches, pots, bowls, and stoves all on same pick. Both bean juicer and bean juicer have grated pickles, usually pickled radishes with thickest pickles, and salty, and very finely chopped. Beijing dialect, so it is called Qinjiao). Cooked soy juice should be drunk while it is hot. Because it is too hot to drink, it can only be sucked and sucked. With spicy pickles and cola rings, hotter more you drink, more you drink, better. Hot and then sweating profusely, this feeling is very cool.

bean juice

A set of bean juice, Coca-Cola rings, grated pickles | | snowyowls


Ma Tofu

/brother Dougie/

After talking about bean juice, let's talk about mochi tofu. Ma tofu and doji come from same root. In old Beijing, moto tofu is usually fried, and it is divided into meat and vegetarian. Minced lamb, yellow sauce, add some green beans to the mouth, sprinkle with chopped green onions after frying, and boiled cabbage with meatballs as a homemade dish for Beijing bannermen in winter.

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Ma Tofu | "Local Chinese snacks for tongue bite" | Li Tao


I want to drink soy juice

/ Where to drink? //

Douzhi Zhang in South Xinhua Street and Douzhi He in Dong'an Market are very famous. In addition, there is a very famous bean juice shop, Jinxin Doujiang shop. This store was originally located at intersection of Langan Street, but was later moved due to expansion of Liangguang Street, and is now owned by Bianyifang Group. I remember when I was little, my father used to drive by Lam Kham City for work and he often had breakfast here. Since this store is located in southeast corner of Ciqikou, it is also called "Ciqikou Doujuice Store". Later, several restaurants appeared under name "Old Ciqikou Doujuice Restaurant". The author has not verified this, so I don't know if it has anything to do with Jinxin Doujuice restaurant.

bean juice

Jinxin Doujuice Store | "Treasures of Eastern City"

Jinfang Snack Shop, which was originally located on Chongwai Road, was moved to Tiantan Road in 1996 due to widening of road. Now it is located in southwest corner of Ciqikou. I feel like his noodle tea is ok.

Huguosi Snacks also sells various snacks. There are many branches in Beijing in different places. Children's shoes that are not comfortable to run south can try Huguosi snacks near house, but level of each store is not balanced.Combat character.

bean juice