shroud ginger milk
  • April 01,2023

There are many delicacies in Guangzhou, and when it comes to Shawan cuisine, I'm sure a lot of people think of a bowl of ginger and milk.

In 2017, in Shunde, Foshan City, I was looking for most popular local food, hotels, restaurants, and farms, and then I saw an opportunity to sneak in to learn art!

Leave as soon as you finish your studies. If you don't stay for a while, you don't even need a salary! Because I want to go to Hong Kong, Macau, and then to Beijing!

Later, a friend introduced me to a job as a chef at Xingman Hotel in Shawang Ancient City, Panyu! The restaurant is full every day and there are too many tourists. They are all tourist groups, and they bring tourists here one at a time. It is believed that guide has a certain relationship with hotel! The hostess every day counts money and writhes!

While working in kitchen, I want to learn craft quickly. After finishing work on my own, I have to hurry to help my colleagues in other positions, so I learned this famous sugar water! Without further ado, I will begin introducing Jiang Zhuangnu to everyone!

shroud ginger milk

Long ago, an elderly woman had a cough and learned that ginger juice could cure her cough, but ginger juice was too pungent for old woman to drink, so daughter-in-law boiled buffalo milk with sugar. and poured into a bowl of ginger juice. Strangely, milk curdled after a while, and my mother-in-law smelled a fresh aroma after drinking it, and disease was cured next day. Thus, ginger milk spread in city of Shavan. Shawan people call "coagulation" "buried", so "Jiang-ship milk" is also called "Jiang-burial milk" in Shawan.

shroud ginger milk

Ginger milk and double skin milk look like twin sisters. They are also popular desserts, folk delicacies, dairy products and originated in Guangdong, one in Shunde and other in Shawang, Panyu.

shroud ginger milk

Ginger milk is much easier to make than double frothed milk, and ingredients are readily available. Because of great medicinal value of ginger, this ginger milk game is not just a dessert

Main Ingredients

Slice of fresh milk with ginger

The right amount of sugar

Traditional Cuisine of Guangdong Panyu Province: Preparation of Ginger Milk

shroud ginger milk

1. Wash and chop old ginger and use a garlic press to squeeze out ginger juice, or use a blender to stir ginger juice, or use a tool like a garlic jar to squeeze out the ginger juice. Pour squeezed ginger juice into bowls, 2-3 tablespoons per bowl, and set aside.

shroud ginger milk

2. After adding right amount of sugar to fresh milk, boil it over a fire until it boils. You can add a little more sugar because ginger juice is a bit spicy

shroud ginger milk

3. Pour milk that is about to boil directly into bowl of ginger juice without stirring, let it stand until it cools, milk will naturally solidify when ginger enters milk, kaka ~ ready to drink! Hee hee, let's keep it simple ~ The benefits of ginger milk: invigorates stomach and warms body, relieves cold and ventilates. It is very good for body, suitable for girlfriends to eat!


1. Too much ginger juice will be very spicy, affecting taste. Too little ginger juice hardens poorly. A small bowl and 2 porcelain spoons of ginger juice are usually sufficient. 2. When milk is boiled over 80 degrees, well curdled double skinned milk can be obtained, and curdled milk cannot be obtained from low temperature milk.

3. The older ginger, easier it is to knock out curdled ginger milk, but there is less juice from old ginger.

4. There is no need to throw away leftover ginger, it can be used for cooking in fresh storage bags.

5. One carton of milk is enough to make 2 bowls of ginger milk, and about 4 tablespoons of ginger juice is enough.

I made a lot of friends here too, and I still keep in touch with them, drinking and drinking wine with them every night, kind that can be covered with a plate of peanuts! It says here that food at dinner restaurant is delicious, so head over to chefs in back kitchen to strike up a conversation and learn the craft!