dongying yellow river saury
  • April 28,2023

dongying yellow river saury

Huanghe saury, also known as Mao saury, is a special product at mouth of Yellow River. The Dongying District of Dongying City is where saury from Yellow River must pass through to migrate, hence its name.

The shape of Huanghe saury is similar to a one-sided sharp knife, with a thick back and a thin belly. Every year in mid-March, according to lunar calendar, groups of saury swim into Yellow River from mouth of Yellow River, one after another Yellow River in Dongying region and Yellow River in Qihe region in in city of Dezhou flow into Dongping Lake in Dongping County, where they lay their eggs and hatch. After young fish hatch from eggs, they return to mouth of sea along Yellow River, where they grow and winter in Bohai Sea. After such a back and forth migration, it takes two or three years for swordfish to grow into an adult fish.

Yellow River Saury has a passionate temperament, swims like a flying shuttle, and dies when it leaves water. It can be described as "expensive and rare". It has both freshness of sea and aroma of water of Yellow River, it is oily, rich in fat, tender and prickly. And it has functions of strengthening heart and nourishing kidneys, relaxing tendons and promoting blood circulation, reducing inflammation and reducing phlegm, clearing brain and stopping diarrhea, eliminating fatigue, increasing energy and nourishing mind, and can treat and prevent many diseases, which is called "the best in world".