Cantonese Cuisine

Zhu Hou Roasted Pigeon
  • April 02,2023

Baking is divided into stovetop baking, pan baking, salt baking, Western-style oven baking, etc. It consists of heating pickled raw materials in a closed environment until cooked, when water is completely evaporated and flavor of rest of ingredients is completely absorbed. The method presented today is baked with a tile stand that is suitable for cooking large pigeons about six taels in size. Ingredients: 2 pigeons, 20g each chopped ginger, green onion and green onion, 40g Zhuhou sauce, appropriate amount of salt, five spice powder, rice wine, seafood sauce and peanut butter. Method: After gourd is processed, cut it into four parts, wash and dry, marinate with salt, five spice powder and rice wine for cooking. Boil a frying pan and add oil, fry ginger slices, green onions and dried shallots until fragrant, add Zhuhou sauce and seafood sauce, add pigeon and stir-fry until sauce and oil separate, add rice wine, cover pot and bake for a while, then fry until pigeon is fully cooked, put it in original pot and serve.