tofu brain
  • March 29,2023

Tofu Brain Cooking Method: 1. Take a pot and fill it with 70-80% cold water, add about 500g of pork belly, 1 small bag of dried shrimp (about 50g), cook until meat is tender. , and oil juice and shrimp juice merge and dissolve in water. At same time, a small amount of high-quality mung bean vermicelli, colorless soy sauce, refined salt and dill are added and simmered over low heat. 2. Choose tender tofu, wrap it with gauze to squeeze out water, untie it, then scoop 1 spoon into a bowl filled with refined white flour (the flour should be concave, and tamp tightly), and add a small amount of fine minced meat (the day before) cooked pork brisket in vermicelli soup). Then turn bowl upside down and shake it gently, dust outside with flour, roll it into a ping pong ball and tilt bowl against side of pot, let balls roll into soup pot, boil and float. (Do not knead with palm of your hand and do not take with your fingers, so as not to deform, destroy loose structure, make it difficult for juice to penetrate evenly and reduce quality). Features: Soft and delicious, delicious soup, unique taste, easy to digest and absorb, because tofu balls are very delicate, so they are called tofu brain brain.