Shandong Cuisine

fried elbow

Crispy roast pork in market is often appetizing, but sometimes skin is not crispy and meat is tough and salty when you buy it home. Eating a piece of real crispy fried pork is a great fortune. In order to be able to eat good crisp...

  • July 29,2023

Shandong Cuisine

seasoned chicken

Follow Chef Gen on a great food road. Buttered Chicken Slices is a kung fu dish in Shandong cuisine that was a common dish for Super Chefs Qualification Exam decades ago. It has characteristics of fresh, delicate and sticky taste....

  • July 28,2023

Shandong Cuisine

Sydney chicken wing

Sydney Phoenix Wing Today is very busy. In morning I went to market to buy Christmas goods. The afternoon was busy with grilled fish, fried shrimp and meatballs until 6 o'clock. I will share delicious food with after meal. I si...

  • July 27,2023

Shandong Cuisine

Pieces of water hyacinth

method/step 1 Whether it is thawed or fresh shell meat, it must be cleaned. Cut shell meat into slices and set aside. 2 Chop ginger, cut green onion into pieces and set aside. Stir starch with water to dissolve. 3 Add a small a...

  • July 26,2023

Shandong Cuisine

elephant pigeon eggs

Elephant Dove Egg Elephant Pigeon Eggs 【Ingredients】 6 pigeon eggs, 200 grams of bread, minced ham, minced mushrooms, some chopped spinach, 75 grams of chicken ingredients, 750 grams of white butter (75 grams used), 50 grams of eg...

  • July 25,2023

Shandong Cuisine

grape fish

Chinese culinary art is full of outlandish things, it is based on boiling, frying, steaming and so on. And one of dishes recommended today is sweet and sour grape fish. Grape fish, as name suggests, is similar to grapes, and afte...

  • July 21,2023

Shandong Cuisine

minced tofu

Ingredients Amount needed: 300g northern tofu The right amount of beef is 100g 1 tablespoon (15 ml) soy sauce 1 teaspoon (5 g) pepper to taste 2 tsp cornstarch (10) to taste. 2 teaspoons (10 g) minced garlic 1 tablespoon (15 g) gr...

  • July 20,2023

Shandong Cuisine

Braised chicken nuggets

We can now say that chicken is a relatively economical ingredient. Chicken meat is tender, low in fat and high in nutrients, and it won't make you fat if you eat more, which is why people love it so much. There are many ways to co...

  • July 19,2023

Shandong Cuisine

Grilled beef strips

They say Spring Festival is coming soon, but due to epidemic situation, everyone on New Year's Eve may have to cook at home by hand, right? Let's just talk about it. Hey, I think there's nothing wrong with making New Year's Eve di...

  • March 11,2023

Shandong Cuisine

Meat in five spice sauce

Today I will share with you how to cook Shandong Cuisine "Meat with Five Spice Sauce". First we prepare raw materials. Main ingredients: 5 kg pork with skin. Seasoning: 1 kg of soy sauce, 200 g of refined salt, 50 g of green oni...

  • March 11,2023