Wuxi Xiaolongbao
  • May 05,2023

Production steps Wuxi Xiaolongbao
Wuxi Xiaolongbao 1. Wash pigskin, cut into palm-sized pieces, put a pot of water, pour water over pigskin, add a spoonful of white vinegar (can remove smell) and bring to a boil. Remove and rinse, cut off fat from skin, cut into thin strips, add to pressure cooker 400 g of water, grated pork skin, cooking wine, green onion and ginger, salt, chicken essence, pepper, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce (for coloring) , cook steamed rice After 5 minutes, turn on low heat and cook for another 5 minutes. After cooling, remove onion and ginger and put in refrigerator for 1 hour. Take out, slice, cut into strips and cut for later use. 2. Onion-ginger water: cut onion into slices, chop ginger, add 20 grams of water, pinch with claws, strain water and pour into minced meat. 3. Add salt, chicken essence, water with green onion and ginger, a spoonful of cooking wine, sugar to minced meat and mix vigorously in one direction. Add pigskin jelly, mix well and refrigerate for later use. 4. Add warm water to flour and knead a ball, cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 30 minutes. 5. Remove dough and knead it into long strips, cut into about 36 small pieces. 6. A small section is straightened and slightly rounded and flattened by palm of your hand. 7. Roll out dough into a thick middle and thin on sides. 8. Wrap 20-25 grams of filling and knead them in Xiaolongbao. 9. Boil water in a saucepan and place small cage in cage. After steaming, put it in pot and steam for 8-9 minutes. 10. Offside.

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