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Silver combs
  • March 11,2023

Today I want to talk to you about advanced scallop method. We already mentioned entry level scallop method in article earlier. Today we have to deepen difficulty (don't worry, it won't help). It's too difficult. Yes, within everyone's tolerance), you have to bring out delicious taste of scallops to fullest. If you are a professional gourmet, please try it or you will regret it!

Silver combs

Silver combs

Yinqiu Dried Scallops belongs to cuisine of Fujian Province and is made with dried scallops and white radish as main raw material, with ham, starch, beans, etc. phlegm and regulates qi. This is a healthy dish.

Main ingredients: scallops, white radish

Accessories: ham, starch, salt, chicken oil, rice wine

Cooking method:

Step 1. Remove hard edges of scallops, soak them in clean water for 15 minutes, steam in a basket for 30 minutes, save evaporated juice for later use, and spread scallops in bottom of bowl. .

Step 2. Cut washed white radish into 1.5 cm balls, blanch them in a pot of boiling water and remove.

Step three: Pour broth and scallop juice into a saucepan, add a little salt and bring to a boil over high heat.

Step 4: Pour radish balls into a saucepan and cook until tender, remove them and put them in bowl with scallops, then invert into bowl.

Step 5: The soup in a pot is thickened with wet starch and glazed, and tail is wrapped in chicken oil.

PS: Some people may ask if MSG should be added? Since quality scallops are very fresh, it is not recommended to add monosodium glutamate, which is also healthier.

Silver combs

Dry Hydrangea

These are silver balloon scallops, we need to make it a little more difficult, let's hydrangea scallops. The image of this dish is realistic, like hydrangea used in dragon dance, color is bright and colorful, hence name.

Main ingredients: scallops, shrimp, fatty pork

Accessories: winter bamboo shoots, spinach hearts, salt, chicken essence, egg whites, Shaoxing wine, starch, sesame oil, etc.

Cooking method:

Step 1. Squeeze dried scallops and grind them into fibers. Cut ham, winter bamboo shoots and mushrooms into 2cm strands, blanch them in boiling water, remove and control water, and mix them with dried scallops for later. use.

Second step: cut shrimp meat and fatty pork into a fine puree, add egg white, broth, refined salt, chicken essence, shaoxing wine, green onion, ginger juice and sesame oil, mix well to make a filling. , and then manually extrude it to a diameter of 25 mm. Roll and dip 10 cm long meatballs into mixed dried scallop pieces to form a hydrangea shape. Place them on a plate and steam until they are soft and cooked through. and strain soup.

Step 3: Add stock, refined salt and shaojiu to pan; boil chicken essence, remove foam, thicken with wet starch, add sesame oil and pour it over scallop balls.

Step 4. Wash spinach core, pour peanut butter into a pan and heat it, then add spinach core and stir-fry, add refined salt and MSG and stir-fry until tender, drizzle with sesame oil. and place it around hydrangea scallops.

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Chicken scallops

Chicken scallops are a traditional and well-known dish of Jiangsu Province, related to cuisine of Jiangsu Province. The ingredients for this dish are carefully selected and production is exquisite. The tenderest part of chicken breast is made from chicken kidneys for minced meat.

Main ingredients: scallops, chicken breast

Accessories: egg white, salt, salad oil, chicken essence, cooking wine, starch, chicken broth

Cooking method:

Step 1. Clean dried scallop meat and wash bowl, add cooking wine, green onions, ginger and appropriate amount of water, steam in a crate and purée.

Step 2. Remove ribs and skin from chicken breast, cut it into a puree and put in a bowl, add cooking wine, egg white, wet starch, salt, chicken essence and an appropriate amount of water, mix well. and mix with minced chicken.

Third step: heat a frying spoon, add chicken broth, cooking wine, salt, chicken essence, scallops and steamed scallops, boil and thicken with wet starch.

Step 4: Pour minced chicken into a spoon and mix evenly. When minced chicken is thick, add oil and mix well, then pour into a bowl and you're done!

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According to above methods, small scallops can also be made into palace dishes!