Jiangsu Cuisine

Emerald tendon
  • March 10,2023

This dish is made from half-fried pork tendons with green melons and vegetables, which is why it is called jade tendon. Color

Clear, thick soup, delicious and soft in taste, soft and sticky, this is a traditional dish of Jiangsu Province.


Main ingredients: 100 g dried pork tendons.

Ingredients: 250 g loofah, 70 g boiled ham slices.

Seasonings: 1.5 g shrimp, 3 g refined salt, 250 g chicken broth, 30 g water starch, 500 g cooked hunting oil

grams (about 100 grams used).

Emerald tendon

1. Put dried pork legs and cold oil in a saucepan, heat slowly over low or low heat and leave 30% of hot oil

Warm, after 30-40 minutes, until it shrinks and becomes transparent, remove internal water after draining (do not heat tendons

There are air bubbles on surface). Rinse it with alkaline water, place it in a pot of hot water and simmer for about 10 hours to make

The hoof tendon is stretched to return to its original size, and after inside is soft, it is placed in a container, alkaline water is added and sent to its original size

When it has increased to 2-3 times, take it out and put it in clean water, rinse it several times and remove alkaline smell that comes from half-oiled tendon.

2. Cut tendon into pieces of 6 cm, clean washcloth and cut off two ends, cut it into two pieces and scoop out melon

Rinse pulp and cut into strips about 4 cm long and 1 cm wide.

3. Put pan on fire, scoop up cooked lard, when it heats up to 40%, put loofah strips in oil until it turns green, and take it out

Drain oil pan. Reheat pan, add chicken broth, tendons, slices of ham, shrimp and 50 g of boiled lard and cook until

Coffin tendons are soft and sticky, add refined salt, boil a washcloth, thicken with water starch, put in a pan and serve.