Grilled meat
  • May 08,2023

Hello everyone, my name is Xiao Dong, I live in post-90s, I love to cook, but I'm afraid to grow meat. I cook delicious meals every day with simple ingredients!

When I was little, my favorite holiday was Chinese New Year, which meant delicious food and fun new clothes. When I was a child, my family used to slaughter a pig during Chinese New Year, most of pork was sold to buy daily necessities, and a small part we kept for Chinese New Year. At that time, my mother often said that new year is year of child, and difficulty of adult. But now, with better living conditions, pork is no longer synonymous with Chinese New Year. When you want to eat meat, at any time you can buy fresh pork at vegetable market.

Grilled meat

Pork has become a common ingredient in our daily lives. If you don't eat some meat every day, you always feel like something is missing. A little pork is added to many dishes, which is very tasty and tasty when fried. Very appetizing and tasty. But sometimes taste of pork we fried is not particularly tasty, and sometimes fried pork has either an unpleasant taste or a fishy smell. Many acquaintances said that fried pork should come out in advance, so how do you make pork so tasty?

Grilled meat

In fact, if you want to roast pork so that it is fresh and tender and does not have a fishy smell, you need to learn a few tips. When frying meat, remember 3 tips, no matter what meat you fry, it will be tender, tasty, tasty and enjoyable

First: cutting meat Grilled meat

Typically, many friends buy a whole piece of pork and cut it off while frying, but they find it very difficult to cut it. In fact, meat ingredients have grains, we usually cut them into grains of meat, so it is very easy to cut, and taste of fried meat is better than that of carelessly chopped meat.

Second: Bacon Grilled meat

Marinating meat is a very important step when frying meat. We put chopped meat in basin, then add appropriate amount of cooking wine, light soy sauce, starch, mix well, and finally add egg, mix well and marinate Cook for about 15 minutes. When marinating meat, it's best not to add salt. Salt can force out original moisture from meat, so that taste of roasted meat easily becomes woody. Light soy sauce has a certain salty flavor, so using raw soy sauce can make it more salty. Add an appropriate amount of starch and an egg to make meat smoother and more tender and fried flavor to be better.

Third: Roast Pork Grilled meat

Many acquaintances say that when frying meat, it is easy to stick to pan, which directly spoils finished dishes. Heat a frying pan with cold oil, add marinated meat, fry, stirring so that meat does not stick to frying pan. If you have a non-stick pan, it's best to use a non-stick pan.

Grilled meat

Follow these points well, home fried pork is tender, delicious and not fishy, ​​and method is relatively simple, whether it is cooking shredded pork with Peking sauce, fried pork with green pepper, shredded pork with fish flavor, etc. Everything is very delicious.