fried chicken
  • March 09,2023

Summing up and cooking fried chicken nuggets again. The dish, which appeared in twelfth episode of TV series "Evening Cafeteria", is very suitable for serving with a drink or as a bento, because it is delicious even when cold. Fried crispy dough, chicken juice rushed into my mouth after taking a bite, and satisfaction made me smile. This homemade dish is also very easy to prepare, main thing is to fry it twice.

Ingredients 4 large boneless chicken thighs Salad oil (this time I used peanut oil for frying, it's very fragrant, try it) 1 tbsp. wine 2 tsp salt An appropriate amount of black pepper a little garlic a little ginger 1 1 egg 1/2 tbsp light soy sauce 4 tbsp starch
  • 1 fried chicken

    Remove excess fat from side of boneless chicken thigh, cut into small pieces and place in a steaming bowl.

  • 2 fried chicken

    Add wine and salt, ground black pepper to the chicken, add garlic and ginger, mix thoroughly and marinate for half an hour.

  • 3 fried chicken

    After marinade is ready, beat eggs, add them to chicken and mix well. Then add soy sauce and starch, mix well.

  • 4 fried chicken

    Pour oil into a pan, oil temperature is about 180 degrees, put chicken pieces and deep-fry. Fry until lightly browned and remove from pan. After everything is fried, heat oil to about 200 degrees, then add chicken and fry for another 2 minutes until color turns golden.

  • 5 fried chicken

    After frying, remove and drain oil, or place on a kitchen paper towel to soak up oil and place on a plate.