spring chicken
  • March 10,2023

When many friends heard name spring water chicken, did they think it was a very light dish? Actually it is not. Spring water chicken is a dish invented by people of Chongqing. It is bright red in color and spicy in taste. We all know that ordinary chicken tastes quite dry, but Chongqing spring water chicken is fried in spring water, so meat is very tender and tasty, and it is very tasty. Today, I will teach you how to cook delicious and real chicken. home Chicken spring water.

spring chicken

How to cook delicious spring water chicken

1. First of all, we need to prepare 3-5 chicken legs. Although spring chicken needs to be fried with whole chicken, but now many families are relatively few people, and whole chicken sometimes can not be eaten, so we just cook chicken legs, taste is same, after Before you buy chicken legs, wash them, check if there are any chicken feathers that have been cleaned, peel them and cut them into pieces for later use. .

2. Prepare a clean large bowl, soak up moisture from chicken pieces with kitchen paper, then add ginger slices, cooking wine, oil consumption, a pinch of salt, chicken essence, mix evenly by hand, marinate and taste, and serve Go fishy.

3. Prepare some water from a mountain spring. If you do not have conditions, you can prepare mineral water. The effect is similar. Start pot and boil water vapor in pot and then add a tablespoon of red oil. Note you will start using it here. Red oil is fried.

4. Once red oil is hot, add chili powder. Here, ground chili is fresh red pepper we usually eat, crushed and slowly roasted over medium heat until pepper is ripe and water has evaporated. nothing, then add a spoonful of Pixian watercress, a few bay leaves, a few cloves of garlic, sauté until fragrant, then add marinated chicken to pot, sauté slowly, don't forget to add a few grains of rock sugar to enhance freshness. After chicken is almost cooked, add spring water that has not covered all ingredients, cover pot and simmer for about 20 minutes, which will make chicken more delicious.

5.After chicken is stewed until soft and rotting, season it to your own taste.For lovers of spicy food, do not forget to add a little pepper.Sprinkle a handful of coriander and garlic sprouts before serving and you're done. , very spicy and tasty, delicious to eat, friends who are interested, hurry to try.

6. If you're cooking with whole chicken, don't throw away offal. They can be used to make pickled pepper chicken offal, and chicken blood can be used to make chicken blood soup. famous one chicken and three meals Don't waste it, isn't it amazing?

Although spring water chicken is a new dish, it is very salty, fresh and tasty, and it is a favorite food of many friends. In fact, it's not just chicken, you can also add delicious vegetables, meat and vegetables, and combination is simple and nutritious. Stale chicken that has been frozen too long is such a chicken, no matter how you cook it. , delicious dishes from it will not work.