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fried chicken
  • March 10,2023

[Dish Name] Chicken Soaked in Oil

【Partner Cuisine】 Zhejiang Cuisine



1 blond chicken, 160 grams of dried shallots, 8 grams of ginger juice, 1 star anise, 16 grams of honey, an appropriate amount of monosodium glutamate, white wine and refined salt.

【Production process】

Dry naked chicken with a towel, apply monosodium glutamate and refined salt to inside of chicken, put 120 g of chopped green onions, ginger juice, white wine, star anise into chicken. , sew a muzzle with a needle. Dilute 16 grams of honey with an equal amount of warm water and apply to skin of chicken, then place chicken in an earthenware pot. In addition, add 1500 grams of peanut butter and 40 grams of shallots, and cook in a wok until 70% boil. Pour oil into a clay pot, cover and soak for 7 minutes, turn chicken over. and hold for another 8 minutes. Take out chopped pieces, pour over chicken noodles with original juice. Welcome to upload your recipe