Sichuan Cuisine

Kimchi fish
  • March 11,2023

When it comes to pickled fish in Hangzhou, Keyu Kefan pickled fish appetizer is a must! The kimchi fish pot all over Hangzhou makes it so refreshing and delicious!

Kimchi fish

The kimchi fish that just came to table is still exuding oily heat and pot is full, not to mention how voracious it is!

Look at that thick black fish fillet. It is worth ordering and cutting, and taste of fish is fresh! The soft and sticky fish fillet pairs beautifully with salty juice, and every bite is a delight.

Kimchi fish

The kimchi fish in his family is not only fresh and tender, but also a lot of fish in pot! Fill a large bowl and you can fill up eight percent just by eating fish!

It is not enough to eat only fish, you must have a side dish to enrich it. Bamboo shoots, young vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, potato powder, any side dishes you can think of, all in one pot!

It's full of fish, this signature kimchi fish snack is enough for one person!

The meat of fish is wavy and exudes a tantalizing salty aroma. Add two tablespoons of tender white fish meat, it looks very attractive, and whale's belly purrs shamelessly~

The fish fillet is watered with juice before it can be eaten. ** Mouth: fragrant, second mouth: slippery, third mouth: tender. The sweetness of fish and unique sour aroma of kimchi fluttered in my mouth and my mouth watered.