Mianyang three for a couple
  • May 09,2023

Speaking of Mianyang, many friends may not know where he is, and speaking of Xiantao, there may still be many friends who do not know where he is, but when it comes to Olympic champions Yang Wei, Li Xiaoshuang and Liao Hui, everyone knows this. hm. . hm. . Mianyang (Xiantao) is hometown of these three Olympic champions. As saying goes, "One side of water and soil feeds other side." Several Olympic champions are invincible in arena. Who said it has nothing to do with food in their hometown? Everyone guessed it, dish that I will present to you today is a special dish of Hubei province, which is fed to many Olympic champions - Mianyang three for a couple. Mianyang is a large county in Jianghan Plain, which used to include city of Honghu, and in recent years has been transformed into city of Xiantao. The area has plenty of water and rich foods, and is a famous land of fish and rice. The people of Mianyang love to eat steamed vegetables, and there is a custom of "no vegetables, no steaming", which is why it is called "hometown of steamed vegetables". The three types of steaming refers to three types of steamed vegetables: steamed fish, steamed meat, and steamed chicken; Sun Changbi, a Chinese culinary specialist who traveled to Xiantao to investigate current three-steam situation in Mianyang, said that "three-steam" originally referred to steamed fish, steamed meat, and steamed vegetables. Nowadays, it is still very popular among locals. The origin of name "Three Streams of Mianyang" is unknown, but it has something to do with fact that Mianyang was a water city. According to records, at that time in Mianyang it was: "Fish from rain water for food for a year, snails, shrimp and shellfish fill their stomachs." grind grains, mix with fish, shrimp and wild vegetables. , Pieces of lotus root are tossed into a basket and steamed to satisfy hunger. Over time, it has become a well-known traditional dish of Hubei Province. Steamed mugwort is one of three steamed vegetables and is highest grade. Today I cooked three dishes: steamed fish, steamed meat and steamed chrysanthemum. In fact, you can also mix and match them arbitrarily to get your own "three pairs". Ingredients Three-layered pork belly Grass carp Wormwood Salt Soy sauce Ground ginger Culinary wine Sugar Salo Rice flour Appropriate amount Mianyang three-steam method

  1. Cut pork belly into thicker slices, cut grass carp into pieces, wash chrysanthemum, and put meat, fish and chrysanthemum in pots.

  2. Mix rice noodles with a little water

  3. Add salt, soy sauce, chopped ginger, cooking wine, rice noodles and lard to fish, mix well and marinate for 20 minutes.

  4. Add salt, soy sauce, crushed ginger, cooking wine to pork bellyand rice noodles, mix well and marinate for 20 minutes.

  5. Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, mix well with salt, sugar, lard and rice flour

  6. Steam fish, pork belly and chrysanthemum in a small steamer for 10, 50 and 6 minutes respectively

Tips 1. Mix rice noodles with a little water before steaming, otherwise it will be difficult to steam them. 2. When frying rice, constantly turn it over, otherwise it will stick easily. 3. Add lard to stewed vegetables, and taste will be mild.