Cangzhou hot pot chicken
  • May 10,2023

I often visit Cangzhou. The first thing locals do is treat their guests to chicken in a hot pot. Be sure to try hot pot chicken when you visit Cangzhou. It has become one of most representative delicacies in Cangzhou. Cangzhou people also love to cook hot pot chicken at home, and hot pot chicken is a must when it rains on cloudy days! It can be seen that hot pot chicken dish has firmly entered life of people of Cangzhou and is deeply rooted. I have already celebrated two Spring Festivals in Cangzhou. Although I still adhere to New Year customs of Northeast, Cangzhou is different from Northeast. During Spring Festival, when you go to visit relatives and friends, there is a custom that when you see elders wishing to wish a Happy New Year, you should bow to wish a Happy New Year! There is another eating habit that basically treats you to hot pot chicken! And they are all packed in boxes in restaurant, ready to eat after unpacking, ready to order vegetables and cook them all!

Cangzhou hot pot chicken

Therefore, there are too many hot chicken stores in Cangzhou catering industry, and there are many branded stores, and best-selling one is fin pot, 98 yuan / 108 yuan, and price varies. by weight. Mostly chicken legs, very few wings that exist as fillings. The slightly numb and slightly pungent flavor is acceptable to general public. The people of Cangzhou don't like spicy food much, which is a bit like people of Northeast China. A little salty is okay, but spicy food is unacceptable.

In addition to pan with wings, there is also a pot with meat and chicken legs. It is worth noting that hot pot chicken made from big roosters is a little more expensive, but taste of chicken is much better. The chicken used is more specific, much stronger than leg meat of a broiler chicken. There are several versions of origin of hot pot chicken. It is said that a Szechuan chef opened a store in Cangzhou and brought it back. . Chicken also uses especially cheap ingredients, so price is low, it's more economical, and it's quickly caught on, and has been around for nearly two decades.

Cangzhou hot pot chicken

Let's talk today about its taste. 108 yuan with wings served in an old Beijing lamb roast. The chicken is cut into large pieces and put into a copper pot. It seems like a lot. The waiter said it was three kittens. It looks very appetizing, and inside there are also radish sticks, original ones are still heated with coal, but now they use gas for environmental reasons. Mostly chicken drumsticks and very small chicken wings. It has a layer of dried chili and peppercorns floating on it that smells like a hot pot.

Honestly, taste of chicken is not very good. Broiler chicken legs used. The chicken is friable and has no taste. Topped with chili peppers and spices. Only after simmering for about ten minutes does chicken taste spicy enough, but chicken is too soft and rotten. Maybe that's the beauty of hot pot chicken.

Cangzhou hot pot chicken Cangzhou hot pot chicken Cangzhou hot pot chicken

Chicken soup in a hot pot is different from clear mutton water soup. The soup is a red sauce, and longer it cooks, thicker it is. This is to eat chicken first and then add soup to rinse dishes. Usually soup is added during meals, some vegetables are added to it. Hot chicken in a pot is slightly spicy and slightly spicy, and some make it medium spicy. The soup is salty, but shabu-shabu is more flavorful. In principle, it can be eaten without seasonings.

But they don't eat like that in Cangzhou, there must be dipping sauce! The Cangzhou hot pot chicken dipping sauce is very characteristic, and standard configuration is garlic and vinegar. Garlic is best mashed. Vinegar is similar to local dumpling vinegar with a little sweetness. Most of them use Zhaizi vinegar to match hot chicken. The chicken is taken out of pot and eaten with a garlic-vinegar sauce. This taste is very special and it also covers fishy smell of chicken. The taste is sharp and sour, which is justified.

Cangzhou hot pot chicken

I have eaten hot pot chicken many times and I think best shabu shabu is flatbread. It's delicious when I eat two pieces of tortilla. Most vendors will also provide guests with a choice of sesame sauce dipping sauce. Unlike braised chicken in an iron pot, there is no dipping material. No matter how you cook hot chicken, it has shadow of a hot pot. Eat chicken first and then rinse vegetables. That's its beauty.

The dish was served with a shovel, including cabbage and lettuce, a few pieces of tofu and broad vermicelli, plus rotten seaweed and like. It is said that in fried chicken restaurants, vegetables are usually free. That is to say, order a pot of chicken, dishes are eaten casually, and are mostly cheap dishes from road. Hot pot chicken is popular in area, mainly because it is cheap, affordable and popular, and is especially popular with locals. May have different tastes and eating habits.

Cangzhou hot pot chicken Hot chicken

Required ingredients: six chicken legs, one green onion, one piece of ginger, 5 marmalades

Required seasonings: 100 grams of base for hot dishes, 10 grams of pepper, 10 grams of dried chili, 2 grams of white sesame seeds, 1 white radish, 6 pieces of fragrant leaves, 4 large ingredients, 1 gram of cinnamon, 2 grams of white cardamom, 2 grams of cumin, 1 gram of kaempferen, 5 grams of cooking wine, 5 grams of soy sauce, 5 grams of dark soy sauce, 2 grams of monosodium glutamate, 2 grams of chicken essence, 2 grams of pepper and 5 grams of salt

How to do it:

1. Wash chicken thigh meat and cut into large pieces, rinse with clean water. Wash and cut green onions, peel and cut ginger. Wash and clean white radish and cut into finger-thick strips for later use.

2. Heat a saucepan, pour in appropriate amount of water, add appropriate amount of cooking wine, add blanching chicken pieces, skim off foam, remove and rinse off blood scum.

3. Leave bottom oil in pot, add chopped green onion and ginger and sauté until fragrant, add peppercorns and spicy bottom ingredients and sauté until red oil forms.

4. Add dried chili and sauté until fragrant, then add chicken pieces and sauté evenly. White cardamom, fennel) add required amount of water, wipe chicken pieces, add salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence and pepper to taste, add white radish and marmalade and simmer for about ten minutes and turn off heat.

5. When serving, put a white radish on bottom of a hot pan, put chicken pieces on top, pour over original soup and sprinkle with white sesame seeds.

6. Follow plate with vegetables, cabbage, tofu, vermicelli, lettuce, etc. Serve with garlic paste and local vinegar.