Apple juice
  • March 09,2023

"An apple a day will save you from doctor." People who eat more apples are much less likely to get colds than people who don't eat or eat fewer apples. Therefore, some scientists and doctors call apples "universal healthy fruits" or "therapist".  苹果中的果胶和鞣酸有收敛作用,可将肠道内积聚的毒素和废物排出体外。 Raw fiber in it can soften stool and facilitate excretion, organic acid and vitamin C is more effective in protecting cardiovascular system. One Apple Material Practice

  • 1 Apple juice

    Wash and peel apples

  • 2 Apple juice

    cut into small pieces

  • 3 Apple juice

    Place it in juicer and add some warm water

  • 4 Apple juice

    Juice it out and drink it