Osmanthus horseshoe sand
  • March 09,2023

Horseshoe season is finally here~ It's a good thing, it dissipates heat and fire, and it's just right for me right now! But now it is very expensive! 。 Hmm~~~ My sisters and I went to our bakery and tasted "Osmanthus horseshoe sand" Think about it, let's let's try! Haha, I didn't expect it to be really successful. 哇! I'm super happy today! Not only is fried chiffon very successful, but never before made horseshoe sand is praised! Let's have some fun! 马蹄很多,没做完! Mom muttered that she wants to eat a horseshoe pie, let's make it for her old man tomorrow! I am very tired today. For my boss's birthday, I just made Black Forest. For a long time I baked chiffon, and first time it didn’t work! ! ! Damn, hate yourself! 一下午加晚上就这样搭上去了! I'm exhausted! 好吧,上图!

Ingredients Half a fresh horseshoe Two spoons of horseshoe powder Method of preparation
  • 1 Osmanthus horseshoe sand

    Get your materials ready. As shown

  • 2 Osmanthus horseshoe sand

    Cut horseshoe into cubes.

  • 3 Osmanthus horseshoe sand

    Add two tablespoons of horseshoe powder to cold boiled water and mix well.

  • 4 Osmanthus horseshoe sand

    The eggs are broken into egg liquid and set aside.

  • 5 Osmanthus horseshoe sand

    Pour horseshoe into mixed water with horseshoe powder, add half a pot of water, heat it, and after boiling it will become sticky.

  • 6 Osmanthus horseshoe sand

    At this time, add egg liquid, mix well, turn off heat and you are ready to serve!

  • 7 Osmanthus horseshoe sand


  • 8 Osmanthus horseshoe sand