Anhui Cuisine

Salt and pepper hooves
  • August 07,2023

Materials for Salt and Pepper Elbow:

Main ingredients: 1 pork knuckle (about 1.5 kg), 2 kg of vegetable oil (actual consumption of about 50 grams), 15 grams of cooking wine, soy sauce, 5 grams of pepper, anise seed, 7 grams of salt, pepper 10 grams, salt, a little sugar, 2.5 kg of chicken broth

Jiuxiang Pepper Salt Knuckle Characteristics:

Crispy on outside and tender on inside, tasty and salty

Teach you how to make wine, pepper and salt cubit, how to make wine, pepper and salt cubit delicious

1) Boil pork knuckles in a pot of boiling water and carefully scald, remove, soak in cold water and clean from dirt;

2) Apply sugar to skin and put it in a saucepan;

3) Add cooking wine, soy sauce, Chinese prickly ash, anise ingredients and salt, then steam in box for about 2 hours, steam elbows and take them out, and remove water;

4) With a frying spoon, heat vegetable oil to 80% heat, then add elbows, fry until crispy, remove and drain oil, cut into strips and put on a plate, pepper and salt on a plate and serve with elbows.