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honey sauce
  • June 19,2023

honey sauce

Honey juice fire recipe

Honey Juice Fire Party is an exquisite beetroot banquet cooked with honey sauce. Jinhua ham, a specialty of Zhejiang province, is used as main ingredient. Soak and steam until meat is crispy and sticky and soup is thick. , With Tong Xin Bai Lian, green plum, cherry, etc. as ingredients, color is bright, taste is salty, sweet and fragrant, and flavor is unique.

Jinhua ham is rich in protein and various minerals. According to Materia Medica Supplement Compendium and other records, it nourishes kidneys, nourishes stomach, promotes fluid excretion from body, strengthens Yang, strengthens bone marrow, and strengthens legs. Residents of provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang are accustomed to eating ham for weakened after illness, for elderly - to prolong life, for women - for childbirth.


honey sauce

Honey juice fire recipe

Main Ingredients: 1 side cooked ham with skin on (about 400g).

Ingredients: 50g white lotus pasta, 5 candied cherries, 1 candied green plum and 2g scented osmanthus.

Seasonings: 150 g rock sugar, 75 g shaojiu, 15 g dry starch, some rose petals.


1. Wash Tongxin Bailian, add water and steam in a cage until crispy, drain soup, add sugar and steam until it turns jade color.

2. Shave excess hair and stains off ham and launder. Turning meat side up, use a straight knife to cut it into 12 small squares (2 vertically, 3 horizontally) with crusts joined.

3. Put ham in a large bowl, add 25 grams of Shaoxing wine and 25 grams of rock sugar, cover with water until completely immersed, cover with a grate and cook over high heat for 1 hour, drain soup, then add 25 grams of Shaoxing wine and rock sugar, add water to immerse in water, continue to steam for 1 hour, decant soup for third time, put 25 grams of Shaojiu wine, 75 grams of rock sugar, add water to immerse, put lotus seeds, put in basket and continue to steam for 1.5 hours over high heat until ham is crispy and sticky. Drain original juice into a bowl, remove precipitated impurities for later use, a tall soup plate, spread lotus seeds around it and garnish with cherries and green plums.

4. Wash frying pan and put on a strong fire, add 50 grams of water and 25 grams of rock sugar, pour in initial juice of smoking fire, remove foam after boiling, use on starch, add water, mix thoroughly and pour on fire. Add rose petals and scented osmanthus and serve.

honey sauce

Honey juice fire recipe

【Take key】

1. The quality of ingredients must be excellent. The ham should be meaty and juicy, with no oil, insects or "ha".

2. Lotus seeds should not be soaked for a long time. After washing, add water and steam until crispy, and then add sugar after crispy.

3. "Fire recipe" should be repeatedly steamed over high heat.

4. It is better not to use an iron pot to make honey juice, otherwise juice will be slightly opaque.