Jiangsu Cuisine

Lu Gongjian Pork Head Sauce
  • April 17,2023

Materials: 50 kg of meat, 2-2.5 kg of Shaoxing wine, 2.5 kg of sugar, 1.5-1.75 kg of refined salt, 0.6 kg of red yeast rice, 0.1 kg of cinnamon bark each , star anise and ginger. and 1 kg of green onions.

Choose fresh pork ribs with thin skin and tender meat as raw materials, scrape off remaining hair and dirt with a scraper, cut off breast milk, and also cut off vertebrae at top of ribs. When slicing, do not cut directly into fat. When lean meat is cut into 3 cm, remove spine to make meat become a whole square ribbed meat with large ribs, and then cut into meat strips, commonly known as pumping strips, meat strips about 4 cm wide, and length is not limited. After meat strips are cut, they are cut into small square pieces of 4 cm. Try to make about 20 pieces per kilogram of meat, and about 14 pieces per kilogram of ribs. After meat is cut, separate pork belly from pork ribs.

3.2 Preparing sauce

According to specifications of raw material, boil pieces of meat in batches in water. Boil breast for about 10 minutes, pork ribs for about 15 minutes. Remove and rinse foam in clean water. Skim sticky oil from broth in pot, put it out with a mortar and mortar, and wash pot. Then lay a mat on bottom of pan so that it does not burn, and put a layer of boneless pork head on bamboo mat. For every 50 kg of meat, 10 pig heads are required. Sprinkle with dangling skin, dill, green onion, ginger and salt. Put pork belly on pork head first, then put pork ribs. If there are pork ribs and minced meat, you can put them in a small bamboo basket and place them in center of pot. Add broth until meat is submerged in water, if soup is not enough, add water. Cook over high heat for about 1 hour. When soup in pot boils, add red yeast rice flour, Shaoxing wine, soy sauce and sugar (sugar adds two-fifths of formula) and cook for 40 minutes over medium heat until removed from pot. When you get pot out, use sharp chopsticks to take pieces out one by one and place them on china plate in rows rather than stacks.

3.3 Preparing marinade

The key to quality of meat in sauce is marinade. When customers come to shop, red marinade is poured over meat so that meat in sauce is crispy and not rotten, and color is bright. A good marinade should be viscous, tender and runny with no grains. The way to prepare it is to add remaining white sugar to broth, simmer it over low heat and constantly turn it with a spatula to prevent burning and agglomeration so that soup gradually turns into a paste. If weather is cold, when prepared marinade is frozen, it must be warmed up before use.