Shandong Cuisine

Pieces of water hyacinth
  • July 26,2023

method/step 1 Whether it is thawed or fresh shell meat, it must be cleaned. Cut shell meat into slices and set aside. 2 Chop ginger, cut green onion into pieces and set aside. Stir starch with water to dissolve. 3 Add a small amount of cooking wine, soy sauce, a spoonful of sugar and a little white pepper to conch meat and leave to marinate for a while. 4 Add required amount of vegetable oil to pan, add grated ginger and fry until fragrant. 5 Add conch meat and green onions and fry, stirring, over high heat. 6 Pour starch into water, fry a little, then turn off heat and let it go out of the pan. 7 Pour into a plate and eat immediately.